Kitsun Website Update Notes


New Features:

  • Added audio to the N5-N1 Decks - (N1 incoming later today)

  • Cards Management Table - You can now filter by “No status”, meaning you won’t see any filtered/hibernated/manually queued lessons in your searches.

  • Cards Management Table - You can now transfer (personal) cards to other (personal) decks! The action is available from the actions menu.

  • Cards Management Table - You can now unqueue cards from the lesson queue! The action is available from the actions menu.

  • Cards Management Table - You can now hold shift while selecting a card to select all the cards above it at once (until the first selected card it finds above it). Making it even easier to manage your cards without having to rely on the search tools!

  • Added a new tags layout field type {{tags:fieldname}} - This field splits your value (by , or ; into multiple divs. E.g. if your field value is bla,blabla,blablabla it will show on your card as

<div class='tag'>bla</div><div class='tag'>blabla</div><div class='tag'>blablabla</div>

which you can then style as you wish. I personally use it for the Part of Speech tags in the new default layouts, in case you are wondering what you can do with it.

  • Dictionary Cards - You can now select which definitions you wish to use for your cards. Simply uncheck the ones you don’t like and they won’t be included in the values when generating your card.

  • Dictionary Cards - Wikipedia definition is now filtered by default and won’t show up anymore.

  • New Hotkeys! Added the following hotkeys for the lessons/reviews/quick study session:

    • U - Unblur all spoilers on a card
    • N - Open Notes & Synonyms popup
    • E - Open Quick Edit / Suggest Feedback popup
    • UNSET - Hibernate Card (Unset by default, you can set it at the settings page)
    • Ctrl+S - Save changes and close the Quick Edit/Suggest Feedback popup.
  • Cards Management Table - Search values are now properly trimmed of whitespace when hitting search.

  • Cards Management Table - Added a button to quickly clear all current search filters.

  • Added a new help tooltip to Subs2Kitsun. The tooltip also contains a link to the Subs2Kitsun article on the blog :slight_smile:

  • Added a few onboarding tooltips for new users/decks. These help tooltips pop up when you have no decks yet, or when you have no cards in a deck yet. They are supposed to show new users how to start :slight_smile: I’m still working on more of these and a smoother onboarding in general. Stay tuned :smiley:

  • Added a Kana -> English layout to the default layouts set


  • iOS - Finally fixed the input bar size for cards during lessons and reviews.

  • Mobile - The card should now prevent the input from centering in the view - This bug was especially annoying on ios devices as it would scroll the page down to the input box and you would not be able to see the actual question anymore.

  • Audio not playing for certain cards - Finally fixed this bug with the help of jscott :slight_smile:

  • Card Management Table - Actions are now disabled while a previous action is still running.

  • Results Page - Exp now correctly shows as 0 for incomplete review items (usually with delayed siblings)

  • Community Centre - Searching for `` will no longer redirect you to the decks page.

  • Self study popup will now correctly close upon browser navigation.

  • Card Management Table - Fixed a styling issue with the advanced search hiding below the table.

  • Fixed the display field for the new default layouts

  • Changed the parsing of furigana syntax as this would sometimes display incorrectly.

  • The “Know” button for flip cards now has a background color again :laughing:

  • {{first:fieldname}} & {{rest:fieldname}} field types now ignore commas inside ( ) parts of the value. E.g. bla (bla, bla), blabla will now only split into bla (bla, bla) and blabla.

  • Russian Keyboard - Fixed an issue where typing in the middle of a word would make the typing cursor/caret jump to the end of the word.

  • Russian Keyboard - Fixed an issue where backspace would make the typing cursor/caret jump to the end of the word.

  • Cards Management Table - Toggling the checkbox in the header now correctly selects or deselects all cards.

  • Fixed a styling issue for the sidemenu in firefox (it previously showed a sidebar).

Pfew! That was a lot to type out :laughing:

On another note:
I’ve postponed the backend rewrite for the filtering/hibernation/queued cards. Having some real issues with making it work well, but I think I’m nearly there. Ideally you as a user see any differences, except for that Kitsun might become much faster with certain actions and it will make it possible to introduce a “Known words” system where duplicate cards get hibernated/filtered automatically throughout the whole system. More information on this later :smile:

P.s: Feeling super hyped to restart work on the mobile apps soon! Can’t wait! :smiley:



New Features

  • Added a new default template and layouts for Russian (with automatic input conversion to Russian)

  • Added a new default template and layouts for languages in general (e.g. French, German, Dutch, anything that doesn’t need special conversions).


  • Fixed an issue which caused the kanji dictionary search to break.

  • Fixed an issue where the Feedback/Quick Edit popup was uneditable.

  • Fixed an issue where {{rest:fieldname}} field type would strip out whitespace.

  • Upgraded the furigana parser (for {{furigana:fieldname}} fields) a bit, there should be less missparses and styling issues now. Should also fix the weird spacing issue when the sentence is longer than one line.


  • Completely rewrote the backend for updating and publishing decks. It is now MUCH smarter than before, in the sense that it only updates the cards that have actually been edited since last publish. To give an example, the 10k deck (with 20k cards), now only has to check and replace the cards edited (usually around 10 or so) rather than all 20k cards. The first update that you do for a community deck will still check all cards (and take long), but any further updates will be super quick! :smiley:

This also fixes the longstanding bug where layouts and templates could get duplicated and replaced during a update, resetting your layout filtering and wrongly linking synonyms.

And it is also a preparation for the future, where the mobile apps would only have to sync the edited cards for offline use :smile:

On another note:

I’ll be adding a special set of Korean default layouts with automatic input conversion (like Japanese and Russian has) as soon as I implement the Korean keyboard utility.

I have not upgraded the server yet, but I’m probably going to focus on that in the next week :slight_smile:



New Features

  • Cards Management Table - Now lists all available tags in the advanced search tag dropdown, no more manual typing needed! Just select the ones you want to filter on and go :smile:

  • Autoplay of audio can now be decided per layout. Japanese -> Meaning layouts will no longer spoil you the reading of the word if you have audio autoplay on :slight_smile: Deck authors can use the blur class on the wrapping element (of the audio field) in their layouts to prevent the playback from happening. Note that this only works if you have blur spoilers enabled in the deck settings.

  • Added a dedicated card edit page: /deck/<deckID>/card/<cardID>. The first implementation of this page is on the results page, but I will probably also re-add the review/lesson action where it would lead you to the edit page of that card.

  • Results - Clicking on one of the learned/correct/incorrect items will now open the edit card page.

  • Always Show Flip Buttons (aka Anki Mode) - Enabling this deck setting will now also disable the inputs on cards, and prevent autofocus on the inputs. Meaning your keyboard will no longer pop up on mobile :slight_smile:


  • Subs2Kitsun - Made big performance tweaks to the rendering in the background.

  • Fixed a bug where you could not set the Open Quick Edit/Feedback Popup hotkey.

  • Changed the furigana parser yet again. It should now never add <ruby> tags if the sentence does not contain the correct syntax.

  • Fixed a styling issue where the arrow icon of the input would show through the re-order popup during reviews.

  • Media will no longer be deleted from decks with moved cards. Moving all cards -> Deleting the original deck would also delete the media associated with that deck. Causing the media links to stop working for your moved cards.

  • Made a change which prevents the publish and update calls for community decks from being ran while it is already publishing or updating the same deck.

  • Patched a small vulnerability.



New Features:

  • Kitsun is back to being a Progressive Web App (PWA). This means it is installable again on pretty much every type of device! As you can see in the screenshot below, it has it’s own icon :slight_smile:

  • Deck Feedback - The feedback button now indicates whether you have suggestions available to accept or decline.


  • Cards Management - You can now remove templates with 0 cards from decks, so they won’t show up in the cards management table anymore :slight_smile: Just click the button when it shows up:

  • Dictionary Cards - Kitsun now remembers your last used Tags and Audio generation preferences through a cookie.

  • Cards Management - Now shows the amount of cards matching your searches.

  • Deck Dashboard - Added a total cards count under the title.

  • Cards Management - Hovering over a column’s value will now show a tooltip with the whole value. Meaning that long sentences/values can now be read from the table itself without having to open the edit popup.

  • Add/Edit Card Popup - Added ESC as a hotkey for closing the popup.

  • Deck Setting - Always Show Flip Buttons - Enabling this will no longer disable the input for input cards, rather it just removes the focus.

  • Lesson Sorting - Finally added a randomized lesson sorting!


  • Quick Study - Fixed an issue that prevented autofocus on the input.

  • Results - Fixed an issue where long values would break the styling of the items (the card values).

  • Subs2Kitsun - Now clears the notes field for the next card generation.

  • Community Centre - Featured Decks are now displayed in a randomized order.



Let’s get the smaller stuff out of the way first:

New Features:

  • Dictionary Cards - Added a toggle to the default popup that allows you to make kana-only cards. Kana-only cards have only the Japanese -> English layout bound to them, as Japanese -> Reading would not make sense. So setting up a custom flow is no longer needed!

  • Dictionary Cards - Changed the styling slightly to make it look more in line with the rest of the website.


  • Changed an issue where updating a community deck would not update certain properties of the deck.

The reading tool is live!

Here’s a quick video showcasing some of the features:

What is it?
The reader is a tool that can dissect any Japanese text for you and show you valuable information about each word it encountered. By clicking on any word in the text you will get the following information:

  • Word Classification (E.g. verb)
  • Frequency in the text
  • Vocab JLPT Level
  • Vocabulary definition(s)
  • Conjugation information (if needed)
  • Kanji definition(s) of the Kanji inside the Vocabulary
  • Kanji JLPT Level

As you can see in the picture, the definitions have card buttons next to them, clicking on one of those will create a vocabulary or kanji card for you, exactly like how the dictionary tool works.

What features does it have?

  • The above mentioned definition lookups and card generation upon click.
  • Can parse just about anything. I’ve thrown full (300 page) books in there and it parses it in a few seconds.
  • Generates statistics about the text, allowing you to quickly see how difficult it would be. Here’s a few of the stats it currently collects:
  • Auto generating furigana, with a quick on and off toggle
  • Font size can be changed to either small, normal or large
  • Grammar Particles can be highlighted to help dissect the sentence for beginners
  • JLPT color coding: Underlines every JLPT word in the text with a specific color indicating the JLPT level.
  • Automatically remembers all your settings between sessions through cookies. This also means it remembers the page you left off last time. And of course it also remembers the deck you selected for the cards, per text.

How do I get started?
To start with you can either create a new text or look at one of the existing texts (aozora books or folklore stories). When creating a new text you can just copy paste in any word,sentence, article or complete book that you want and hit the save button.

What else is coming for the reading tool?
For now I have the following features on my to do list:

  • Known words system that integrates with Kitsun as a whole so that you won’t have duplicate cards
  • A way to mark stories as completed
  • A way to add stories to your favorites
  • Add more preshared content such as daily NHK Easy articles
  • Report button for reporting misparses or wrong definitions

And a lot more as I’m sure I’ll get more ideas and feedback as we go from here :smiley:

Some screenshots:

Library Page





New Features:

  • The lesson system has been changed. Starting tomorrow your decks will always give you your daily goal (new cards per day setting) unless there are not enough cards. This means that your lessons will NOT build up anymore. Hopefully this creates a less stressful environment for learning :smiley:

  • The User Level System has also been changed. It now takes significantly less time to reach higher levels (about 1/3rd of the exp needed to get max level). From level 11 onwards, every level takes the same amount of experience in order to level up. So if you are above level 11, you probably will see a change in your current level.

  • New non-input default layouts have been added for the “General”, “Japanese” and “Russian” Kitsun templates.

  • Bigger flip/know/don’t know buttons - A new global setting has been added called “Big Flip Buttons” and enabling it makes the flip/next/know/don’t know buttons display much larger than before. Making it easier to tap on them on your phone :slight_smile:

  • Tinder-style Swiping has been added for flip cards! Here’s how it works:

    • Front: Swipe upwards to flip the card
    • Back: Swipe/Drag to the left to mark as incorrect
    • Back: Swipe/Drag to the right to mark as correct

  • Reading Tool - Now generates correct furigana all irregular readings of numbers/months etc.

  • Forcing flip buttons will now also enable the correct hotkeys for flipping and marking cards correct/incorrect (by default Space - 1 / 2) even if the card contains a input.


  • Choosing “More time” before a quiz should finally work again! One of the most persistent bugs in the history of Kitsun has hopefully finally been fixed.

  • Fixed a styling issue with “tags” (the srs rank up/down notification and the srs indicators on the results page), it should no longer display “…” when there is enough space for the content.

  • Removing a mix of queued and unqueued cards from the lesson queue no longer gives an error.

  • Fixed an issue with the quick study styling cutting off sometimes.

  • Fixed an issue where clicking on audio would stop working after coming from the reading tool.

  • Forcing flip buttons will no longer mark empty inputs as incorrect upon flipping the card with the button.

Sorry for the delay on the aozora books for the reading tool, I’ll try to add a whole bunch asap.

Oh and I’ll be focusing on the other bugs/feature requests the next week(s), so expect another update like this soonish :slight_smile:



New Features

  • Manual Anki Import - There’s a new type of anki deck import! Selecting Manual during the import process will allow you to choose corresponding templates and layouts for every type of card in the anki deck. Meaning that you can finally import anki decks into your favorite card layouts :tada:

  • Complete backend rework regarding filtering, hibernating, queued lessons. This also required a rework of the counts/lessons/reviews queries and greatly improves performance. Calls such as hibernating 10000s of cards as once will now be near instant (it no longer needs to create documents). This change was made in preparation of the known words system where Kitsun will be able to automatically hibernate/filter cards for you throughout the system, based on what you know so far. Since it’s such a large change, there might be some bugs present despite my testing.

  • User Synonyms & Notes are now independent of progress. This means that it no longer automatically becomes a queued lesson if you add a user synonym or note. It also means I’ll be able to add a new section on the edit card popup/page where you can edit your synonyms/notes without you having to complete the lesson first! :smiley:

  • SRS Rank down has been changed. I’ve gone with the most popular option on the poll: When a card is at level 5 (Novice+) or higher and you get it wrong, it will go down 2 SRS levels. When it’s below level 5 (Beginner) it will go down only 1 SRS level.

  • Created a maintenance mode which automatically redirects you to the corresponding page as soon as you try to interact with the server (through navigation/reviews etc). Some of you might’ve seen it already during today’s maintenance :eyes:

  • Japanese answer values will now be converted to the correct ~ and - symbols before checking whether the answer is correct (only if the answer contains those characters of course). (The automatic input conversion uses different unicode characters than some IME’s do, causing issues that this should fix :smiley: ).


  • Fixed a bug where newly added decks would have 0 lessons available.

  • Fixed an issue preventing proration from showing up (e.g. when trying to switch from Yearly to Lifetime sub)

  • Fixed an issue with Enter/Ignore Answer hotkeys would not work if the card has an input field and the flip buttons are being shown as well.

  • Fixed a styling issue for Microsoft Edge that prevented you from clicking any buttons during reviews/lessons.

  • Cards Management - Filtered Items had no background color, this has been changed.

  • Fixed a bunch of bugs related to counts (lessons/reviews/ranks/hibernated etc) as part of the backend rework. Please let me know if you think something still doesn’t work correctly.

Enjoy! :smiley:



New features:

  • Reading Tool - Texts can now be deleted (hover on the text and a delete button shows up)


  • Manual CSV/Anki Imports - Fields can be left empty again. The latest patch introduced an issue where fields would be filled in by default. This has been fixed :slight_smile:

  • Fixed a bug causing newly added community decks to be stuck in a “Hungry for more?” popup loop, making it impossible to go to lessons from the deck dashboard :sweat_smile:

  • Fixed an issue with the toggle styling on the import page sometimes being uncentered.



It’s time for another update! There’s some much requested functionality in here :smiley:

New features:

  • Mass change templates of existing cards - You can now convert your existing cards to another template without having to do it one by one. Ever imported an anki deck which had ugly layouts? Now you can switch all of those cards to a nice template with a few clicks! You can find this functionality at the actions dropdown at the card management table. The process itself is really easy:
    • Select cards
    • Click on the action
    • Select the new template
    • Select the new layouts you want the cards to use
    • Match the fields
    • Go!

  • Review Wrap Up - You can now wrap up your reviews by clicking on the clock icon at the top-right corner during reviews. Once you click it, it will only give you reviews that have not been completed yet (e.g. you did only one layout/sibling of the card).

  • Click/SVG Cards - You can now ignore answers from the “Click on X” type of cards.

  • Click/SVG Cards - Hotkeys for next card (Enter) and ignore should now work while on the backside of a card.

  • Click/SVG Cards - {{enteredanswer}} now automatically replaces _ with spaces, so “You clicked New_York” will now become “You clicked New York”.


  • Subs2Kitsun - .ass subtitle files should now work correctly again!

  • Subs2Kitsun - Made the subtitle parser smarter, it will now remove duplicate lines in the subtitle files.

  • Lessons - Manually queued lessons now appear in the order they were added to the queue, as they used to.

  • Click/SVG Cards - Fixed a few display issues in the Community Centre

  • Click/SVG Cards - Fixed an issue where ignoring an answer would freeze the input.

  • Add Card - Fixed an issue with the layouts not being set properly after adding a new card (with default layouts set)

  • Cards Management Table - Fixed an issue where adding a new card would add a gap in the table.

  • Folder deletion - Fixed a bug causing decks inside a folder to not be deleted completely, when deleting a folder.



Been a little while since I was working on the upcoming mobile apps, but here’s a new update with some much needed new features and bugfixes!

New features:

  • Timezone Setting - You can now select your timezone on the account settings page. Doing this will make sure you get your new lessons at 12AM your time and should also make the study streak calendar update correctly according to your timezone (note that it doesn’t affect days before this update).

  • Deck Dashboard - Now shows more information about the cards and your progress when you hover over the x Cards text below the deck title:


  • Deck Dashboard - Updated the leeches list to be more relevant. It will now only show leeches below SRS level 6.

  • Published Decks - Added a visual notification for available feedback:


  • New layout field syntax - added a {{cardtags}} field for layouts that will transform into the tags of the current card during lessons and reviews.

  • Subs2Kitsun - Subtitle timings can now be adjusted by 200ms rather than 500ms.


  • Reviews / Lessons / Quickstudy - Fixed an issue where scroll stopped working on the front once the keyboard pops up on mobile.

  • Anki Import - Fixed a media import issue for anki deck imports (@Buscadon)

  • Publishing Decks - Fixed an issue where the deck cover image wouldn’t update when publishing an update to a community deck.

  • iOS - Fixed a few popup styling issues on iOS.

  • iOS - Level/Accuracy text now displays correctly for the stat “bubbles” on the home page for iOS.

  • Feedback system - Pressing ctrl+s to submit feedback no longer lets the button load infinitely.

  • Edit card - Removed useless space from popup.

  • Subs2Kitsun - Fixed the popup styling.

  • Reviews - Rank down notification now shows the correct new level.

  • Review Results - Ranked down items now show the correct new level.

  • Study Streak Calendar - No longer shows studied days from the year before :laughing:

Quite a few much needed bugfixes and much requested features in there. Hoping to get back into a regular update schedule again! :smiley:



Time for a new update! This time the focus was mostly on the dictionary pages as they got a new design! Also got some other stuff coming up, more on that below the patch notes!

New Features:

  • Dictionaries - New design has been implemented!

Vocabulary result

Kanji result (Stroke order diagram image being broken is on the prio to-do list still)

  • Dictionaries - Added a CTRL+S hotkey to the default card popups for generating your cards more easily.

  • Kanji Dictionary - Now returns more than 1 result if you input a string with multiple Kanji in it. With a max of 5 Kanji (the first 5 it can find in the string).

  • Kanji Dictionary - Now strips away all non-kanji content from the search string in the background. Meaning you can just copy paste something like 水道は何ですか in it and it will return results for 水道何 only (whereas previously it would fail to return any results).

  • Default Dictionary Popups - Now have the generate button fixed at the bottom of the popup. You no longer need to scroll down to generate your card.

  • Cards Management - Advanced search now lets you choose a specific field to search through. Defaulting to “All” fields.


  • Payment Page - Added something to provide a bit more feedback about why a payment might be declining in the background.

  • Decks - Inactive Decks now also show community feedback counts (if feedback is available).

  • Timezone setting - Fixed a small timezone bug where trailing whitespaces caused it to fail.


I’ve been working on rewriting the complete backend of Kitsun in Golang (a different programming language), and experimenting with a different database while at it. I plan on dedicating 1 day a week to the Golang rewrite for the next coming weeks, if possible.

Aside from that I’ve been working on a new guide system that will explain to new users how Kitsun works by showing and explaining the actions they can take. I plan on adding these for not just the basic actions (creating a deck, creating cards, explaining SRS etc) but also for the more complex features such as the reader and Subs2Kitsun.

Here’s a small concept sneak peak to give you an idea:

Note: the grey part will have gifs or images in it that showcase the action

On another note: Is anyone here well versed in Chinese that could answer a few questions for me? I’ve been looking at implementing Chinese Dictionaries but I don’t know the difference between some of the options (mainly about Mandarin vs Cantonese). Would love some help with it :slight_smile:



Hey all! Been a little while but here’s some new features and bug fixes :smiley: Took a break from the app development and focused on the website for a bit.

New Features / Changes

  • Navigating to one of the landing pages (like while logged in will now redirect you to the “app” portion of Kitsun again. Note that this will not work until you navigate to one of the app pages (like /decks) at least once after this update. After that it should work forever until you delete the cookie.

  • Dictionaries - Kana-only words now have a larger font size.

  • Reviews - Wrap up now includes items marked as wrong in a previous review session.

  • Leeches - No longer displays hibernated or filtered items

  • Reading Tool - You can now skip to any page you want by entering the page number in the input.

  • Reading Tool - Navigating to another page now scrolls the page to the top.

  • Default layouts - Added a breakline to the displayed card tags (in the notes sections) and spaces inbetween tags.


  • Community Centre - Fixed the responsive styling of the search and category page results. They should now take up the whole screen again :slight_smile:

  • Manage Cards - Convert to other template popup has been made a bit bigger to prevent cutting off the dropdown options.

  • Reading Tool - Fixed an issue where ような would sometimes be displayed/parsed as ようなな.

  • Reading Tool - Fixed an issue where tapping/clicking away from a word would sometimes not close the current definitions popup.



Website-focused update again! :grin: The Lifetime Membership Sale was a great success and the Kitsun team has expanded to a total of 6 members (from 1). I will introduce all the team members at a later date so stay tuned for that :grin: A sincere THANK YOU to everyone who supported Kitsun and made this possible! :heart:

New features:

  • Kanji Dictionary Tool - Stroke Order diagrams are now fetched from Kitsun itself. This also fixes the broken images in the Kanji results. I will run a script over the database later to update all the already generated cards :slight_smile:

  • Community Centre - Redesign of the Community Centre is now live! This change will make it look similar to the upcoming mobile apps. It also includes many tweaks and fixes to make the pages more responsive and mobile friendly. Here’s how it looks:

  • Community Decks - Deck Creators can now request published cards to be deleted. This can be done from the cards management table from the original deck (not the community version). I will periodically check the deletion requests and approve them, deleting both the original and the community version of the card. This also wipes the progress of all users of the card (as expected), hence why this action has to be approved by me.

  • Reviews - Wrap up now includes items marked wrong in the current session.

  • Whitelist - added <a> HTML tags to the whitelist of accepted field values.


  • Dictionary Tool - Fixed an issue with a popup not showing up while scrolling down the page, essentially locking the page until you refreshed.

  • Cards Management - Fixed an issue where content of a popup would not scroll if the content was larger than the screen.



Introducing the first few features focused on Korean!

New features:

  • A Korean auto-conversion input has been added. This input automatically converts your regular (English usually) input into Hangul, in the same way that an IME would (So it also combines characters into a single character like -> when typing a -> k and when you type another a after that) .

You can add it to your own layouts like this: {{type-kr:fieldname}}

  • Added a new default template for Korean. This template includes Korean -> Meanings and Meanings -> Koreanlayouts. These layouts also use the above mentioned conversion input so there is no need to switch IME/Keyboards yourself :slight_smile: Note that I’m not very well versed in Korean, so if anyone has suggestions please let me know!

  • Reviews Timeline - The Styling has been altered a bit.

  • Reviews Timeline - Current Reviews are now displayed differently.


  • Reader - Fixed an issue where the generated furigana would sometimes contain okurigana.

  • Reader - Fixed an issue where the generated furigana would sometimes be the hiragana reading of a katakana word behind a kanji.

  • Reviews - Fixed an issue where n would sometimes be converted to hiragana rather than katakana when using a katakana-only input.

  • iOS - .wav audio files should now play correctly on iOS devices.

  • Mobile - Scrolling down at the frontside of a card during the quiz portion of a lesson session will no longer mark the card as incorrect.

  • Android- Home stat bubbles no longer show lines.



For this update I’ve mainly focused on making the styling of the website a bit more cohesive and (imo) much nicer looking and feeling. Especially on iOS devices and Firefox browsers things like popups and the font should look much better.

New features:

  • New light themes - Added more primary colors for the light themes:

  • Updated the sidemenu with a new design.

  • All popups have been updated to a new design that fits much better and also works much better than before (no more iOS background scrolling or sidemenu showing through etc).

  • The card edit/add popup has become a panel that slides up instead, giving you some more space to work with. Note that this popup is likely to change more in one of the future updates in order to make it easier to edit your card values :slight_smile:

  • The font has been changed for bold and header text to one thats very similar, but this time it renders correctly on iOS devices and Firefox browsers.

  • Settings page layout has changed to make better use of the space available:

As a last note, I’ve started work on the known words system (filtering duplicate cards / known words throughout all decks & tools (such as the reader)) and plan to release the feature in the next 1-3 weeks, which also opens up the way for WK API integration and some more cool things! More on that later :grin:



Yesterday a new update went live that includes the much anticipated known words system :tada: There is a lot of new functionality attached to it, so make sure you’re sitting comfortably while reading this! :laughing:

New Features:

  • New Deck & Community Centre Categories - We’ve added a lot of new categories for your decks as it is required that you set the category correctly if you wish to make use of the known words feature (it works per category/language).

  • Kitsun Knowledge Base - The knowledge base has officially launched and replaced the outdated documentation/help section of Kitsun. Please take a look if you have any questions! Technical documentation, getting started tutorials and more FAQ articles are being added soon :slight_smile: Here’s the link!

Known words system

As mentioned before, this feature keeps track of each word you learned in Kitsun.

When you complete a lesson of a deck where the category of the deck is set correctly (e.g. Japanese) and the “Main Field” of the template is set correct (e.g. Vocabulary), the value inside the main field (say “私”) is added to your known words.

For a regular user working through a community deck, this means that you don’t have to do anything at all to make it work. Only deck authors will need to make sure that both these things are set correctly. If you are using default layouts, this is also set correctly for you already.

A few things happen when a word is marked as known. Let’s go over them one by one:

Other Decks

If you go to the card management page of a deck, you will notice that there is a new column called “known”:

As you can see, there are two cards in my deck that I’ve already learned in another deck. This means that it probably would not make sense to learn them again in this deck. Ideally you’d want to filter out any duplicate cards that you already learned previously.

This can be done by filtering on the known status in the advanced search menu:

I’d recommend also filtering on “level 0” items only, to make sure that you only hibernate the duplicate cards that you have yet to learn.

So once you have it filtered, you can just select them all through the top checkbox and hibernate them to make sure you don’t get any duplicates in your reviews.

Dictionary Tool

When you search in the vocabulary dictionary for a word you already know, it will now show you if you already learned it before by putting a “KNOWN” tag on top of it:

Reading Tool

The reading tool overview will now display the % of words in a text/book that you already know :smiley: Hopefully giving you a bit of an idea of when you’d be able to tackle those books comfortably

Inside the reading tool it also marks words as known in the definition tooltips (the “K” icon next to the frequency and jlpt level):

Previously learned Words

Now this part is important for users that already learned words in Kitsun:

You can manually add words to your known words by going to the management table, selecting the cards that you already know and selecting the action “Add to known words”. A popup will open and ask you to select the field that contains the values (if the template has no main field yet, you need to select it yourself, otherwise it is pre-selected for you).

Once ready simply hit the button and the words are added to your known words list for that language in particular (the category that was set on the deck determines what list it is added to, please doublecheck your personal decks to see if the category is set correctly!).

Community Deck Authors

Please double check the category of your deck and make sure you set a main field for the templates being used in the deck, if you have custom templates. After setting these, please publish an update to the community centre. Without this the known words system will not work properly for your deck’s users.

Setting a main field can be done from the add/edit template page:

Just click on the button next to the delete button to mark that field as the main field :slight_smile:


  • Deleting a layout no longer triggers validation errors.

  • Popups no longer close when dragging or clicking outside of the popup by accident.

Please do let me know if you have any questions as a lot has changed!



Small update with some bugfixes. Mostly for the new known words system:


  • Known Words System - Trims whitespace correctly now when comparing your known words list with the cards in the management table.

  • Known Words System - Now correctly lowercases each word before comparing them in the management table (and before saving in the database).

  • Cards Management Table - New searches now clear the previously selected cards.

  • Known Words System - Fixed a bug where editing a card during reviews/lessons would cause the main value to be unset.

  • Dictionaries - Fixed the “taught in undefined” and similar tags when generating Kanji cards.

  • Cards Management - Moving hibernated/filtered/queued cards to another deck would not clear the status from the original deck, causing some issues with counting how many new lessons were still left to do. This has been fixed :slight_smile:



Just wanted to let you all know that we have just added 28 new community decks to Kitsun. Each language has 1 Vocabulary Deck and 1 Phrases Deck :

  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Turkish
  • Russian
  • Arabic
  • Hindi
  • Filipino (Tagalog)
  • Vietnamese
  • Thai
  • Korean

We also have Chinese decks which will get shared as soon as we finish creating a specialized Chinese default template & layouts.

We will be adding additional information (sentences and audio) to these decks as we go forward, but we figured it would be good to already release these decks.

This was a combined effort of our team members and hopefully shows where we want to take Kitsun in the future. Speaking of the future, our team members are hard at work with creating decks for the Chinese (HSK), Korean (TOPIK) and Russian equivalents of the JLPT. After that we will be working on some very cool custom decks for Japanese :smiley:



This weekend I took a break from working on the mobile apps in order to focus on fixing as many bugs for web as I could. While at it I also added a new button on the deck dashboard that will hopefully speed up the process of creating manual cards a little bit :smiley:

New Features:

  • Cards Management - Uppercase is now ignored when searching through your cards.

  • Deck Dashboard - Added a new “Add Card” button to the page. Clicking the button will open up the same popup as when you click on the “plus” button at the manage cards table, but now you won’t have to go to that page and load in all the cards first in order to manually create a new card. Note that it only shows up on your personal decks of course.

  • In order to preserve the screenspace, I’ve removed the “Feedback” button by default. It now only shows when there is actual feedback waiting to be checked.

  • Korean IME Input - Now accepts actual Korean characters as input as well, rather than only (English) characters that get converted automatically.


  • Cards Management - Sorting by Status now works correctly.

  • Session Results Page - Gained Experience is now always displayed accurately between multiple sessions.

  • Cards Management - Fixed an issue with double scrollbars on Firefox browsers.

  • Dictionary Page - Custom Card Popup layout has been fixed.

  • Dictionary Page - Generated Audio has been fixed (this one was hotfixed a while ago)

  • Import - No longer shows the category dropdown when doing manual imports

  • Import - Automatic CSV/TSV/TXT imports now have their id fields set correctly, preventing issues when changing template field names.

  • Community Centre - Styling of the deck “cards” was acting up on certain resolutions or when the sidemenu was expanded. This has been fixed.

  • Add/Edit Card Popup - Selecting a new layout no longer wipes the preview values.

  • Add/Edit Card Popup - Validation is no longer wrongly triggered right after saving a new card.

  • Add/Edit Card Popup - The card preview now correctly refreshes once a user uploads an image or audio.

  • Korean IME Input - Fixed an issue where some android phones (Samsung) were unable to use the auto-conversion.

  • Media Upload - Any newly uploaded media should now get the proper Content-Type header attached to it. Previously this would sometimes be “application/octet-stream” and prevent playback or display in certain browsers.

  • Popups - All popups now resize based on the content

  • Popups - Selectboxes/dropdowns will now correctly open the options dropdown list above or below, depending on whether there is enough space left below them inside* the popup.

  • Payments - Made a tweak to prevent a failed subscription payment from cancelling another payment (e.g. a payment for lifetime).

  • Push Notifications - Some push notification subscriptions were being removed incorrectly, preventing the user from saving their user settings (hotkeys etc). This has been fixed.

Pfew! Felt good to be working on the website again! Hoping to finish the first version of the apps soon so I can continue working on some new cool features :smiley:



I’ve mostly been busy with the apps but did manage to sneak some much needed bugfixes in there for web as well! I’m hoping the apps will soon be stable enough for me to work on some website features and bugs again :smiley:


  • Reading tool - Fixed an issue where some words would not be matched correctly with their associated dictionary entries.

  • Reading tool - Fixed an issue where some kanji would not get matched with their dictionary entry when no vocabulary entry was found.

  • Dictionary - Fixed an issue where some known words would not be marked as such.

  • Feedback table - Fixed an issue where some feedback would show up as blank values.

  • Cards Management - Fixed an issue where the actions dropdown would sometimes become a dropup (lol).

  • Popups - Fixed an issue where dropdowns would sometimes be cut off at the header of the popup.