Feature requests / polish!

Hello! Thanks for making Kitsun, I’ve been really enjoying it so far!

There were a couple potential improvements that came to mind as I was setting up my deck, and just thought I’d mention them here:

  • The “Lessons” and “Reviews” cards on the Home page seem to be informational only right now. It’d be really useful if they were clickable, and e.g. would take you to the lessons or reviews of your first deck (it seems like decks already have an “order” that you can set / drag). It’d be even more interesting if, after finishing lessons/reviews in one deck, it would take you to your other decks in-order.

  • I like reviewing on my phone, but the “Know / Don’t know” buttons are extremely small and nontrivial to hit, so it’d be nice if they were made larger / wider.

  • Better yet, it’d be nice if the mobile version supported gestures, such as:

    • Swipe down to flip card
    • Swipe left for “Know”
    • Swipe right for “Don’t know”



Heya! Welcome to Kitsun :smiley: Glad to hear you enjoy using it :slight_smile:

Yep, they are intentionally unclickable because there is currently no way to create a combined session of all your reviews/lessons (scattered across decks) due to possibily conflicting deck settings.

Your suggestion is basically the solution I had been thinking about as this was brought up before:
Go to the session of the deck with the most reviews/lessons and then giving the option to start the next one at the end of the session. That way you could at least easily do all reviews/lessons without having to navigate to those decks. Great to see you suggest it as well! Kinda confirms my thoughts on how to approach this problem :smile:

I’m in the middle of adjusting those for phones specifically as we speak, got it coming with today’s update! :smiley:

Absolutely agree with this. Right now you are able to swipe (left and right) during lessons to flip through the cards (not during the quiz portion) back and forth. I was a bit reluctant to add it to quiz/reviews due to possible accidental swiping and people perhaps swiping left/right out of habit to flip the card, but making flip a “down” or “up” swipe would solve that problem I think! :smiley: I might try to squeeze in this functionality for today’s update as well! :smiley:

Sorry, forgot to mention, but thanks a bunch for the feedback! Much appreciated!

Edit 2:
Postponing the new update a little bit as I’m close to finishing up the above mentioned (Tinder-ish) card swiping functionality but want to test it on a few devices first.

This was implemented in the last update :smiley:

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Nice! I tried the update out recently, and it’s great! :slight_smile:

The particular gestures are a bit surprising (since we swipe right for “Know”, but the actual “Know” button is on the left), but that’s not a huge deal since there’s good feedback on the card itself on what’s happening. Overall, it works great. :slight_smile:

One minor feature that I think might make this even better is if we could also use the “swipe right” gesture to “dismiss” a normal card (that is, not a card that has “Know” / “Don’t know”) - for example, if I get a free-form answer wrong, Kitsun shows me the back of the card but then I have to manually tap the little “Continue” arrow to move on. It’d be great if I could just lazily swipe it away after reading the back of the card.

Also, regarding the “combined reviews/lessons” idea, what you describe basically sounds great to me - except, I would suggest that instead of just picking the deck with the most reviews/lessons (which seems a bit arbitrary?), that instead the order be based on the deck order, which would allow users to customize the order by rearranging their decks. So e.g. if someone has separate kanji and grammar decks, they might want to study things in the same order every day.

Thanks so much the awesome work! :smiley:


You could force the flip buttons to always be visible (and therefore swipe controls to be enabled), but you would lose the autofocus on the input that way though.

Another option is to skip the backside completely (if correct) with lightning mode enabled, but that depends on your preferences I guess ^^

Sadly I have no real way of knowing the order a user creates as its stored in the cookies and also changes depending on the filter thats being used on the decks page. I think that generally speaking the decks with the most reviews are the decks you would be planning on doing anyways, otherwise it would make more sense to put them as inactive :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad to hear you like the changes and thanks for the feedback! I’ll give them some more thought and keep them in mind ^^