Audio Issues

I seem to be running into similar issues from the above thread. Was gonna just pm staff but it may be more widespread so sharing here. In my case the audio for one of my decks is just working sporadically and im not sure why, in a lesson the first couple will work but then the next three don’t.

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Have a read through this thread and you may find the answer to your problem

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Yeah I read through that one, wasn’t able to solve it.

Worth noting, I’m currently seeing it on macOS/Safari and Linux/Chrome
Secondary edit, tried it on Kitsun iOS app, so its likely due to this deck specifically. :thinking:

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Hey! Saw your PMs but figured I’d reply here:

I’m going to take a look in a little bit and let you know what’s going on!

Edit: For anyone wondering what’s going on, it’s seems to be a deck/action specific issue.