[Userscript] Import words to Kitsun lesson queue (Bonus: copy non-suspended words from MaruMori)

Import words to Kitsun lesson queue

[ Script install guide ] (Tampermonkey, Violentmonkey, etc.)
[ Download+install “Kitsun manual lesson importer” ]
[ Download+install “MaruMori vocab copier” ]

The “Kitsun manual lesson importer” script creates a button on the “Manage Cards” page of Kitsun decks called “Import lessons from clipboard.” With that, you can paste the data (a newline delineated list of vocab) in a “pop-in” window and then hit “Go” in order to (attempt to) add those vocab items to the top of your lesson queue.

Make sure to read through the “results” window! It’ll give you a list of successes (which you can use to (e.g.) suspend items on MaruMori) and failures (along with a reason). If a failure reason is that there are multiple matches, you can manually search for the vocab and add that to the front of the lesson queue.

The “MaruMori vocab copier” script adds a button to the (logged-in) home page of MaruMori that will copy all non-suspended words to your clipboard.


If you find an issue with the script, I’ll do my best, but I can’t promise I can fix it or help you debug (life is busy). If somebody wants to take over “maintenance,” I’m more than happy to link this post to your superior userscript!

Good luck <3