Undo incorrect answers


I regularly press enter too quickly because I assume I got an answer correct and then it gets marked wrong (even though I knew the answer) and, since I have already clicked enter, I can’t use the ignore feature to fix it.

Is there a feature that can make the delay between moving on from incorrect answers longer? Or a feature that makes it so you have to press enter twice? If not, can one be implemented? This is a common issue for me and it makes my list of incorrect answers a lot longer than it should be because of typos, writing a correct answer that I haven’t included as a synonym, or speeding through and guessing what the question was too quickly.


Do you have that little thunder on the top right of the screen activated (it’s active when it’s yellow)? It appears during reviews.


That thunder allows you to skip seeing the back of the card when you get the right answer (so, only one enter). If you deactivate it, you will have to click twice to move on to the next card. Turning it off should fix your problem :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your reply. I don’t have the lightning mode feature on. I mean I click enter, then click it again automatically before I register that it says I got the question wrong.

The logical solution is for me to force myself to stop doing this, which I have been trying to do, but it still happens frequently because it’s so automatic to me. :sweat: It doesn’t happen when I’m using WaniKani, though.

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Agreed that the delay for the wrong answers would be neat! I have it on WK and on BP as scripts and they saved me a lot of wrongly wrong answers xD


I assume this means you are using a mobile device? You could also try enabling lightning mode, that way you only have to click/tap once (as it skips the backside) and get used to only doing it once (I think you click twice to quickly skip to the next card if it’s correct right? Having lightning mode would do that automatically for you).

If the card was answered incorrectly you will still see the backside.

I think this solution can work, but I also think the delay for wrong answers is a very handy thing to have as an option :eyes:
It’s on Double-check script for WK and there’s a script for BP too and what it does is if you answer something wrong and automatically press enter again (which I do still, even though I have lighting mode on), it doesn’t allow the quiz to go further for 1 second or something.

That saved me a lot of typo-ed answers and I recently did get something wrong on 10k bc of that :eyes:


Noted! I’ll put it on the list ^^