The Minor Annoyances Thread

I noticed several small things that are not really worth talking about, but may still annoy some people.

Here are some of mine recently:

  1. With katakana only input, if you press n once and then enter you get a hiragana ん, which is counted as an error (happens only when answers end in ン).
  2. Sometimes not all lessons show up as lesson reviews, and I get the same item again when freshly starting lessons, with me thinking “didn’t I see that before?”

I don’t really worry about those too much, but sometimes small things are signs of bigger problems.

What are your small annoyances?


Errr that second point does not sound minor to me at all. Does it only happen in a specific deck? Did you notice any pattern to this problem?

It happens occasionally, I noticed it today on the 4.5k deck. One time it happened with 10k deck and I had always one odd sentence lesson for a while because one lesson was skipped somehow (I want to keep the words and sentences together).

I didn’t really see a pattern, I can focus a bit more on it (like first/last in list). Pretty sure it only happens to a single item per batch or even lesson session. The same lesson shows up later, but only if you return to the main screen and back to the lessons again.

Edit: in the last days I didn’t have the best internet connectivity, but in the sessions where I noticed it, it was pretty decent.

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I’d be very grateful if you could check if there’s any pattern. I’d like to solve this asap as it’s a major/top prio bug imo.

Do you remember if it’s a recently introduced bug or has it been like this from the start for you?

Also thanks for making this thread, I highly encourage everyone to pour their (small?) frustrations here so I can fix them ^^ I have a low prio/quality of life list for this exact reason :slight_smile:


I think it was like that for a longer time, but I didn’t really pay attention to the lessons because I knew most of the contents.

One thing that I am suspecting is the filter siblings setting I’m using, I was surprised to see it working during the lesson reviews because you will never see the filtered part anyway. My totally unfounded suspicion is that sometimes everything is filtered for an item, and you have to do it again.

I will keep an eye open for the disappearing items.

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Btw, such a cool concept for a thread!


  • I have to go to each card in order to add it to lessons. From the search page, this adds more clicks than it normally would if I was hibernating them for example.

  • I sometimes wanna refresh “My decks” page, but the only way to do it is by either refreshing the page or f5. There’s no top left symbol to click on like we have on WK/WK forums/Kitsun forums/Bunpro/Bunpro forums. Maybe allowing to click on “My decks” again (even if you’re already on that page) could be the best idea to fix this.

  • The size of how everything looks. I mean, I can reduze the resolution and I get it solved, but the first impression of mine about Kitsun months ago was that everything looked big. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

  • The rounding of the % of cards learned in the cover of a deck being different than inside the deck itself.

  • I have a feeling that with “Filter Siblings” on, the system is getting somehow biased on the layouts it shows me during Quiz. Specifically, on the katakana 4500 words’ deck, I feel like it’s giving me JP => EN a lot more often than EN => JP. This is annoying because EN => JP is the actual difficult part for katakana vocab. Everyone can read katakana words, but not everyone recall/can use them.

I do wish there were some new features, particulary a way to identify leeches, review them (outside of the SRS system) and maybe add them back to the lessons’ pile. I feel like just identifying them and adding them back as lessons would very much be enough (80% results for 20% of the work). But I recognize that there’s so much to implement on Kitsun, so :slight_smile: No pressure.

Also, I really wish I could like… idk… start donating? I use Kitsun so much and it being free isn’t fair for the project. I’ve said this to you several times already @Neicudi . If I could donate for the betterment of Kitsun, I’d do it today.


:eyes: I agree with these.


Another user reported getting stuck at the quiz at certain times as well…

Wait… do you mean sibling filtering (so a delay between siblings) or the actual filtering of certain layouts from a community deck? Just the sibling filtering delay shouldnt have any impact.

Just the sibling filtering, with it I think you only get one question instead of several (like 2 for the 4.5k deck). I guess usually you get both a reading and meaning question?

I don’t use any more filtering.

If it is biased on one day, shouldn’t you have days where you get a bias to the other type of question? Kitsun should store which layouts were already asked and not going random all the time :slight_smile:

I meant during Quiz really. During reviews, since the filter is on, it’s normal to see them showing up on different times. I’ve done around 850 lessons on the katakana deck and I could swear I’ve done JP => EN at least 70% of the times (during quiz).

I can do a small sample of 100 items just as a test :man_shrugging:

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I put most of these problems on the list now :slight_smile:

As for leeches: I already have “leech stats” for every card because I keep a track of how many times you answer right and wrong. It wouldnt be too hard to create a leech section with the top 10 (orso) on the deck dashboard. Would that help?

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Bedankt :heart:

Hum… Not necessarily. I see that like I do the “Critical Condition Items” table on Wanikani… It’s fun to have it, but not necessarily useful. I think the biggest thing you could do is 1. Allow us to identify all leeches and 2. Demote them/Add them to the lessons’ pile.

So maybe u could:

  • Develop a leech section with top 10 leeches.
  • Allow us to see the full list by clicking on something in that leech section.
  • It would take us to a similar page as the “Search” ones, but this time, the options would be specific for leeches (allow to demote to x SRS level, push to lessons, maybe hibernation too).

I feel that something like this would very much solve the leeches’ problem for everyone for quite a long time.

More minor annoyances :slight_smile:

  1. The number of reviews due could update itself automatically, waiting or even clicking on “my decks” doesn’t give you the latest number, a reload is necessary.

  2. Not really annoying, but are those buttons really necessary? You can get their effect already in a simple way.

  1. There are still tons on debug messages in the console that are super obscure :slight_smile:

A good enough solution for this could be that clicking on “My decks” when you’re already in that page would still work. Currently it doesn’t. Not sure how difficult it would be for the number to refresh by themselves :thinking: Not really necessary if what I mentioned gets solved.

I agree with the “To Lessons” and “To Reviews” being :100: unnecessary. I never used them. I was the one asking for the “Back to Decks” one, but mainly due to the fact that it’s easier to click there when using a smartphone (than having the side tab open/clicking on the symbol). But I think the side bar has improved since then (and I now use it always closed on mobile), so it might not even be necessary anymore? :man_shrugging:

Another question would be what would we have added to there instead. Probably stats? Leech section?

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Maybe it’s hard, on WK and KW you have to refresh yourself as well. On the other hand you could just pre-compute a bunch of times and counts and show them without talking to the server, you only need to know if reviews were done then. If clicking on my decks doesn’t pull the whole page again it’s also fine :slight_smile:

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It’s not doing that on purpose. If enough users leave open their tab, that’d mean quite some calls/server load while 90% of the time it isnt even used. I personally am one of those people who leaves a tab open forever on pcs which are always on… Having a better way to refresh could be good though.

First three: yes. The last two are there because not everyone is coming from WK, and I personally don’t think it’s clear that you have to click the top counters to go to lessons/reviews for those people.

I always like seeing logs on other websites :stuck_out_tongue: Like some secret messages left behind by the devs :wink: That said, I do clear up logs every once in a while. Guess its time for another round.

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Maybe you could fetch it when the tab is actually clicked/visible, or on hover over those deck icons, or something :slight_smile:

This should change only ever hour anyway, no need to do it all the time.

Edit: at least I cause a lot of traffic because I want to check if it is really 0 reviews due :slight_smile:

By the way, are you expecting error messages in the logs? I occasionally get a Uncaught (in promise) DOMException during 10k reviews (maybe others as well) without further information, the source location is supposed to be reviews:1 but you can’t view anything. It happens on showing the backside of a card.

Occasionally there is also this:

Source View of sw:3

The missing event is in event.waitUntil(n). The promise points to that o()) line.

mhm, it’s from the service worker that runs on the background. It’s having an error because you chose to block notifications and it doesn’t handle the situation properly.

The error itself is harmless, but for the sake of cleaniness I should at least catch it :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm thats strange, I set it to allow notification and wondered what happened to them, they still work on my phone …