Tap... tap... Is this thing on?

I’ve been developing my own flashcard app, but I’d be interested in tying in to kitsun. Any plans for an API yet?

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A public api is definitely in the planning, but is currently a bit lower priority since I’m still preparing the platform for launch.

Just out of curiosity, what kind of API functionality would you be interested in? (I’m guessing card creation, based on your post).

Hmmm… I think the power of a public API would be in decoupling the things you study from where you study them. Much the way it is with WaniKani. I can study on their website, or study on my phone with one of the community-developed apps.

In service of that, card creation would actually fairly low on my list. I would be more interested in accessing decks and cards, and being able to save study progress. This way I could switch between a dedicated mobile app and the website with ease. If I could only study (and not create) decks and cards on my device, I could live with that.

But that’s just me… :wink:

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To be honest, the website’s design is a little weird on the phone, but it’s quite managenable, even if you compare it with the third party apps for WaniKani.

And since I know that a redesign will happen eventually… :man_shrugging:

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Ah yes, that’s been asked before and I would definitely like to support this as I probably will not mess around with creating native or hybrid apps (done it before, would not like to do it again :stuck_out_tongue: )

As soon as the system is stable and the internal API is ‘final’ (which should be pretty soon), I’ll start development on the public API :slight_smile:


Sweet! I’ll be on the lookout!