Reading features

Hello there. There are a lot of great resources these days and kitsun might become all(almost) in one resource.
Looking at competitors about reading, we can see I don’t found useful before lvl60), is useful), and new might will have the best features).
I don’t want to use 10 thousand apps and websites. You don’t want too. I see there are some steps to way and it would be RLY nice to have present and future features, like adding WK kanji like “known” and recommendations to read with a number of unknown words.
Pls check them out, it would be nice to have it there(I guess if it possible)


Welcome @ncuh :slight_smile:

I’ve posted elsewhere in a bit more detail regarding the upcoming reading features. Kitsun as a whole will gain a “known words” system that will integrate with both the SRS lesson section and the tools such as the dictionary card generation and the upcoming reading tool. My current plan is to work on this system as soon as I’ve finished a stable first version of the reading tool. (The beta should go live this weekend if all goes well :slight_smile: ).

I believe that when the beta goes live, you will already see a very clear difference between Yomi and Kitsun in terms of implemented features, actual Japanese sentence parsing (tokenization) and usability. I’d say the reading tool is more on the level of already (if I may say so myself :laughing:).

It already collects statistics for every text (that means, all shared texts, but also your personal ones). Some of the statistics that are being collected right now are:

  • How many N5-N1 JLPT vocabulary the text contains
  • How many N5-N1 JLPT Kanji the text contains
  • Unique word count
  • Total word count
  • Total kanji count

I wish to add a count for every WK Level (vocab & kanji) at a later stage.

Of course the above mentioned data can be used to give you the suggestions that match your level the most once the known words system is in place.This is something that I’d definitely want to implement :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestions, much appreciated!

Here’s some more information regarding the reading tool:

And here you can check the progress of Kitsun (and the reading tool):


Hello again)
Just one more question. Haven’t found about it in trello or somewhere.
Do u plan to create a chrome extension similar to’s?


Yep, it’s on the roadmap! Thanks for the suggestion :smiley:

This is what I posted at the launch of Kitsun in terms of what’s coming soon:

  • Audio generation for your cards (Done)
  • Assisted Reading Tool for Japanese (Soon Done)
  • Detailed Learning Statistics Page
  • Kitsun-Exclusive Decks and Content (Working on it :slight_smile: )
  • Chinese & Korean Dictionary Integration and card generation
  • Auto Hibernation for duplicates/WK API integration/Known words system (Next up)
  • Korean/Russian inputs for cards (Russian is done, Korean coming soon)
  • Kitsun Browser Extension
  • Mobile apps with offline support (this might extend into the second half year)
  • Landing Page Redesign (Coming with the reading tool update)
  • Knowledge Base Update and Redesign

So I hope to tackle it soon, but I do think it has less priority than the Mobile Apps, so it might be delayed until after those are done. It all depends on how easy it would be to put the current reader code into a browser extension. Hopefully most of the code can be shared, then it wouldn’t take too much effort to make the browser extension and it will come before the mobile apps :slight_smile: