Sneak Preview of the new Reading Tool (Japanese)

Just wanted to share a sneakpeek of a feature I’ve been working on (and mentioned before):

Introducing Kitsun’s new Reading Tool

I wanted to create a cool new tool that would help people with reading articles, books, texts and/or sentences, while keeping it fully integrated with Kitsun.

So what I’m working on is a text parser that allows you to paste in any text and get a fully analyzed output of that text. I believe it’s best to just show the feature (still a work in progress!) so you get the idea:

Paste in any text (Here I’m using the prologue of Re:Zero Volume 1):

Which results in the following output:

And here is the actual tool at work:

  • Click any word to see the information about the word:
    • English Definition
    • Kanji information
    • Conjugation information
    • Handy information like Part of Speech, JLPT Level, WK Level.
  • From the popup you can easily create new cards for your decks in Kitsun. Both for individual Kanji and Vocabulary! Just like how the dictionary lookup tool works :smiley:

I’m currently working on implementing the following:

  • Save and edit your personal texts
  • Intregrate a bunch of premade texts such as Aozora books and news articles for you to start with
  • Possibly add audio dictiation for above mentioned premade texts
  • Some handy stuff like bookmarking where you stopped reading last time
  • Further finetuning of result data (defintions/kanji etc)
  • Performance finetuning (spoiler alert: It’s FAST!)
  • Analyze the texts to give an overview of how difficult it is (based on JLPT Levels) and how many unique words/kanji it contains.
  • Possibly detecting grammar, although this is extremely difficult to do well.

Please keep in mind that it’s still very much a work in progress, but the core is already working pretty well! I hope to release a first version of the tool very soon! :smiley:

Eventually I also hope to expand this to other languages (starting with Korean or Chinese), but I’d definitely need the help of natives or advanced learners with that.


I have some new stuff to share regarding the reading tool. Here’s some features I’ve been working on lately:

Glossary for paragraphs

As you can see in the screenshot above, hovering over a paragraph will show a “info icon” to the side of it. Clicking on this icon will result in a table with each word and definition. I plan to add some more information and some handy card creation buttons from there as well.

Marking Particles

As you might have seen in the previous screenshots, I’ve also added a marker button to the right side of the screen. Clicking this button will visually mark all particles in the text with a different color. Making it easier to dissect the sentence.

Performance (Yes, you can throw in complete books to parse and read :laughing: )

I’ve been working hard to make this as performant as possible, and I’m really happy with the result right now. The parsing is done completely on the clientside. Meaning your pc is the one doing it!

It automatically splits larger texts (such as novels/books) into multiple pages. It takes about 3 seconds to parse a full book on my pc (highend), along with analyzing the text for stats such as Vocabulary & Kanji JLPT levels counts, Word frequency counts, Unique word counts etc.


I’m currently working on creating a library page where your saved texts will be stored and where you can find Aozora books, Folklore stories and News Articles.

Font Size

This is a smaller one, but handy nonetheless. You can change the font-size between small, regular and big to suit your needs :slight_smile:


As this reading tool feature is pretty huge I’ll be putting it out as a beta first. That way everyone can check it out and report bugs if needed. The reason I’m calling it a beta is because I assume things might break or there might be bugs. I’d like to strike down as many of those bugs before “officially releasing it”. The beta will be accessible to everyone that has a Kitsun account :slight_smile:


Here’s a last sneak peek before it goes live:

Texts overview I’m currently designing/implementing :slight_smile:

Edit screen (for now):

Reader view (with furigana toggled on):