Possible quality of life additions

A few minor improvements which I think would help greatly when using the site!

  1. Prevent up/down scroll bar disappearing on the right.
    Currently when in ‘manage cards’ for a deck, I can only use the up/down scroll bar when scrolled all the way to the right. It disappears when I move back left. This makes it a pain when needing to jump quickly (such as getting to the halfway point of the deck).
    Capture (Disappears when scrolling to the left)

  2. Allow selection of the item anywhere along its line
    Currently I can only select an item (check its box) when scrolled all the way to the left. I feel like it would make sense if we are able to select an item no matter where we are currently scrolled. Another way to do this would be to freeze the leftmost checkbox so it would stay with you while you see the item’s tags for example. Otherwise you have to scroll back and forth across the page to see an item’s tags and select it.

    (Example of whole item being selected)

  3. Allow easier mass search of tags
    Currently, I have to search each tag or type it in and select it in order to accumulate multiple tags. Not bad for one or two but a pain when selecting 26 levels of wanikani… A better way would be to have a dropdown box that allows you to check a box for each tag you want to include.

    (the pain!)


Thank you for the suggestions! I pretty much agree with all of them and will put them on the list :smile:

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  1. Also, could you change the meaning/reading background colour to black for reading and white for meaning like that of wanikani? Or at least allow that customisability? Messes you up when you’re used to one.

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The styling of the card in your screenshot was made and shared by another user of Kitsun.

You have full control over what your cards look like if you are using your personal layouts (or copies of other user’s layouts).

I’m assuming this was in the 10K deck, which you cant personally change the styling of as it is created and maintained by @hinekidori


Yeah you’re right it’s from the 10k deck. Oh… if I can’t change it then what should I do?

Leave a message on Core 10k’s discussion thread. The creator is open to suggestions :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

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