New iOS Mobile app feedback

Version 1.0.2 (3)

  1. Login

Would be nice if the keyboard auto focus when I open this screen

  1. When the keyboard does open, it only shows the username/email field, like this

It’d be nicer if it could scroll to show the whole form so it doesn’t need to scroll between fields. Will feel a bit nicer to use.

  1. I find the foldout animation of the decks page is distracting, especially when I go in and out of decks (sorry!). If you want to keep it, my vote would be to only show it first time, and not when going back from a deck.

  2. I know it’s only a theme preference but I find the default light-red theme quite harsh. Blue seems a lot softer.

  3. It would be nice if it could have defaulted to a dark theme since my system is set to dark mode.

  4. Dictionaries. YES I LOVE THIS. This will save me so much time from opening Chrome etc. - I’m really missing the custom card option though since I always use that. BTW I don’t really need the card preview in that flow, just the ability to select my layout and have it remember the field mappings. It’d be amazing if it could remember what layouts I selected per deck since some decks I use recall, some I use reading+meaning.

  5. It would be really useful if the decks page was ordered by reviews, then lessons (or have an option for it), so I can easily see decks which need my attention at the top. I know you have the bit on the home screen but that’s too far down and only shows 3 decks.

  6. I feel like the reviews and lesson count needs to be bigger so I can see at a glance. It’s too small at the moment.

  7. I’d like to be able to quickly enter reviews/lessons fron the “all decks” rather than having to tap into a deck in order to do that. I have a lot of different decks so it’s a lot of wasted taps.

  8. IMO adding a new deck isn’t a regular enough action that having it at the bottom right of the screen always visible, feels a bit unnecessary. It doesn’t specifically get in the way of any content, but it feels distracting.

  9. The app says my stream is 18 days but the website says 580

  10. I’d love it if the upcoming reviews could stretch to 48 hours. Plus this is a view I look at A LOT, so it’d be really nice if it was higher up on the home screen so I don’t have to scroll down. Ideally I don’t want to have to scroll at all to find it. IMO it’s more important info that stream and progress.

I almost feel like there could be argument for progress and streak going on the profile page.

  1. FWIW I’m not that fussed about the achievements in Kitsun. Not trying to say it’s not a good feature, just that I don’t value it :slight_smile:

  2. Settings is a bit hidden down the bottom of profile. I wonder if a cog button top right might make it more visible/easier to access? Especially on devices with a short aspect ratio, people won’t see the Your settings on first open of the profile. Will get worse if you add more stuff to profile too I guess.


More sorry.

  1. I’d like the app to show a badge icon count for how many reviews I have. I did a similar thing by counting the upcoming reviews and scheduling a badge icon update so the icon changes at the right time.
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Some of my decks, the fonts are really small.




In the iOS App:

  1. “Welcome Back, onimitch.” I think the “Back” should be lower case.

  2. When I go into a community category (e.g Japanese), there is no back button. I can get back by tapping Community on the navbar at the bottom, but I’d expect a back button.

1 & 2:
Agreed on both points!

The reason it’s doing that is because it needs to refresh the data whenever you go back (so it loads all decks from the server again). I was struggling a bit with when it would make sense to refresh the data and settled on having it refresh all the time (because your counts might have changed or a deck setting (like active/inactive) might have changed).

I hadn’t really thought about which theme to make the default theme yet haha, probably blue as that fits more with Kitsun’s colors :smile:

Agreed! Will have to check if there’s an unified way to check this for both android and iOS or something :slight_smile:

Yeah there’s still some functionality missing that I hope to add soon after release, custom dictionary cards is one of them. I’ll note down the other missing features when I make the announcement thread soon :smile:

As the decks come in paginated that’d cause your order to jump around whenever it adds more decks. This would have to be changed on the server side, but due to the counts being added after the query, it’s kinda hard to do so :sweat: I agree it would be nice to have though!

On the decks page specifically right?

I’ll try to add it by tapping on the lessons or reviews text

Hmm, where would you expect it to be then?

Could you try switching to Monthly view for the streak? The streak in the apps work a little bit different in the sense that it’s an actual streak, so skipping a day will break the streak.

However, when you open the Monthly view you’ll see a heatmap with extra information, including a “total” count that should be the same as what you see on the website. I plan on putting the website version in line with the app version later on.

I can add an extra switch option for 2 days :slight_smile: I’ll check how it looks when I switch the sections around a bit.

Agree with you on the profile page part too, but ultimately decided against it as I felt like it also belonged on the home screen.

That’s alright, it’s not supposed to be for everyone :laughing: I’m hoping it can give some extra motivation to those that do like it

In the initial design I had multiple setting categories there (General / Lessons & Reviews to name a few) so you’d tap on the category first.

As you can see the settings page currently only has 1 setting available so it became a bit moot, but as I’ll add more settings I’ll re-add the extra sections as well, making it feel a bit more like it belongs down there I think :laughing:

Yes absolutely! This along with push notifications is on my prio to-do list and will likely be in there before it moves to a general release :smiley:

Hmm, I’m not sure what’s causing that, I’ll have to take a look!

Generally speaking I tend to go with capitalized words for everything that’s a title in Kitsun, but I’ll check how it looks if I change it to lowercase.


I’ll add all the feedback to the mobile to-do lists. You can expect the changes to come through during the weekend :smiley:

Thanks for all the detailed feedback! Appreciate it a lot!

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Congrats on getting the app launched and thank you for the hard work, amazing ! :clap::clap::congratulations::tada::fox_face::iphone:

First impressions are that it’s aesthetically very pleasing with all the attention to detail, makes a great user experience!

I did have few technical issues, perhaps already aware:

  1. The back arrow during review (‘results’ button in desktop mode) would crash the deck, had to uninstall the deck every time to clear this.
  2. I did 2 review sessions, each one crashed the app which required uninstalling (or restarting iphone).
  3. I didn’t see an edit card option under actions, perhaps this is forthcoming
  4. Runs a little bit slower than the PWA overall, not unusable but notable, during reviews
  5. My profile is empty, again maybe forthcoming. I see the dark mode didn’t carry over so maybe if there was an option.

I’m on 14.6, iphone 8…perhaps some of it is my outdated phone but haven’t had much issues on other apps.

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Thanks! I’m really happy to finally release the apps, hoping to get rid of all the initial big bugs the next two weeks and then officially release it on the app stores :grin:

That’s weird… I did notice a few errors coming through regarding that screen so I’ll try to see whats going on. Was the deck you were doing reviews for old by any chance (or more specifically, were any cards very old (like 2 years orso))?

Is this the same issue as above or was it a separate issue? If separate, could you let me know what you were doing right before it happened?

Yep! There’s a few missing features in this release that I’m working on getting out asap. I’ll post a complete list once the android version also gets released (awaiting review by google). When that happens I’ll make an official announcement :tada:

Hoping to catch big bugs like above with Testflight first :sweat_smile:

The review session is a webview that renders the actual Kitsun website (albeit special pages made for intercation with the apps). In theory this should be the same performance wise as the website itself (both using Safari on iOS I believe) but I’m not sure.

If you scroll to the bottom of the page it will let you go to the settings, in the settings you can choose a theme (separately from the web theme as I’d like to give the choice to choose a different theme per device/app)

Thanks for letting me know about the crashes, I’ll look into it right away :grimacing:

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No, these were all recent cards

Separate issue. I believe the message said “reviews are done” and once I select “ok”, it goes into same crash state that I experienced with the ‘results’ button

Sorry, should have specified. It’s only when entering an answer and awaiting the next card where it take a just a wee bit more. Otherwise, audio and other menus seems just as fast thus far.

This is what I get in profile, I’m unable to scroll

Oh! That’s likely to be the exact same issue as it does the same thing (redirect to results). Looking into it!

Ah gotcha. That’s correct actually, on the mobile apps it waits until it gets a result from the server whereas on web it does this in the background and lets you go to the next card right away. This is also on my missing features list right now so it’s going to change!

Woah, that’s not supposed to happen at all, now I get why you mentioned it was empty! I thought you just meant there wasn’t much to see there yet :laughing:

Found out about the cause of both the results page crashes and the profile page not loading. Fixed it and will deploy a new version in the morning (it’s 1am here at the moment :laughing: ) It was caused by the same issue and only occurs if you are level 50

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Looks like issues got resolved :+1: :smile:, and saw your response on the saving speed.

I’m seeing a consistent format cut off on all decks on the bottom, is anyone else seeing this? I assume this was a response to some of the formats issues mentioned above. Also, I notice scrolling may trigger the card to be flipped or marked as correct, not sure what triggers the feature.

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I’ve already pushed a new update to the stores about half an hour ago that should resolve the cut-off issue. It’s currently awaiting review by Apple.

For the scrolling issue, I think the swiping gestures might be too sensitive right now (and have no visual feedback yet) so I’ll probably disable them for reviews until solving that. (It happens because you have the flip buttons active through the deck settings, as that also enables swiping gestures). Sorry about that!


I think this was sort of mentioned before but I’m noticing cards with long entries (definition, notes, etc.), I can’t view the entire entry without triggering the card swipe to be marked. There seems to be a threshold when scrolling down that will mark it prematurely. So fair to say I can’t run certain decks for reviews since I frequently review card-back contents quite often. All these decks have the flip feature enabled. I think you did lower the sensitivity of feature last week but this seems different; a limit of how far you can scroll before initiating a marking.

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I have yet to release an update for that issue, but it’s coming asap!

Here’s what I’ve been working on in regards to that:

New version with async reviews (no more delay when pressing the next button! ), these swiping improvements and a lot of bugfixes will get published in a bit. iOS might release a day later due to apple review always taking some time :sweat_smile:

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Wow, that looks great, thanks for the preview! :grinning:

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I’m afraid it’s going to take a little bit longer before this new version comes out.

Apple is converting my developer account to an organization account, but it seems that during this process I can not publish new versions to TestFlight :sweat_smile:

As soon as they let me I’ll be publishing it though! :smiley:

Figured I’d let you know.


@Neicudi Thought I’d report a bug I’d noticed. When going through lessons, in the initial learning phase quick edit only works for the first card in the series.

Steps to replicate:

Device: iPad Pro 12.9 (2021)

  1. Start a Lesson with more than one card.
  2. Enter the initial learning phase.
  3. Go past the first card in the series.
  4. Click on quick edit.
  5. The first card details are populated.

Let me know if you need a video or something to demonstrate.

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I reported the same thing a few months ago in the Discord topic. My current workaround is do the lessons and while in the review phase of the lesson, propose the changes and I haven’t had issue thereafter but I think its on the to-do list for fix.

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While using the App i had major issues but the music I‘m listening to always gets stopped by audio flashcards. This is just a slight inconvenience to have to press the play button in spotify again and again. Would it be possible to implement it in a way where the volume of the music only gets lowered before the kitsun audio plays and then gets raised again? I have seen a feature like that in the Tsurukame app for WaniKani on iOS.

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Thanks both for reporting!

@ChristophWally @s1212z New version coming out soon should have a fix for this problem :slight_smile:

@BinNurSuchten You had major issues with the app? Could you elaborate a bit please? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I’ll put your audio suggestion on the todo list, as that definitely sounds like it’d be a nice feature!

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Oops… I meant to type that I had no major issues with the app. :sweat_smile: My bad for not reading what I worte before posting it.

Hi everyone! I was trying to access the iOS mobile app today but it was saying that it has expired! Also when I try to re-join the Beta AppStore is saying is not accepting bete testers any more. Did I miss a new link/app being shared lately?

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