Kanji stroke order graph issue

Seem to be having an issue where the stroke order images aren’t loading properly.

It might not have to do with the formatting of the card, because in my own format, it has the same issue:

What both cards have in common is that they both use Classic jisho as the image source. And when you go and inspect the page’s code, you can follow the link straight to the (working) image.

I took a look, and it seems to be working for me. I did notice that the url used is http rather than https, which could cause your browser to block it maybe? Ideally this would be https but it seems that jisho doesn’t offer a https variant.

I guess I can code something that uploads the image to the Kitsun storage instead, which might be a better alternative anyways :smiley:

Checkeed it out, and that’s exactly it! Thanks for the info. It’s very interesting that they block http content on https links, even though http websites themselves aren’t blocked. I guess that’s fair since when you’re on an HTTP website, you know that, whereas you don’t necessarily know you’re accessing HTTP content on an HTTPS website.

And yeah, that would be a good idea! Safer option.

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Hey just want to ask, would this be for the auto-genned kanji cards or all of the image links provided in a term? The latter would be preferrable tbh

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The auto generated cards and the existing cards that were generated like this.

For uploading images in regular cards, you can use the default uploading functionality.

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These look nice…Are you still considering posting kanji N-level decks that include the brush strokes?

Given the dictionary won’t search kanji, is there in streamlined way to create these? I’ve made some manually but these look better…I suppose there are some polished Anki decks out there too I’ve yet to search for.

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The dictionary actually can search kanji, it’s in the drop down menu for dictionaries.

If you want, I could totally make a few N level sets! What I’m actually using is my own program to do all this. The tool here on this website is absolutely awesome, but it’s much less time consuming for me to make my own tool b/c 1) I know how, 2) I routinely add large amounts of vocab/kanji in my own specific formats, 3) I like having my stuff backed up in CSVs.

I also have the whole N-list of Kanji already prepared for own purposes, and a format designed for it, so it wouldn’t be too hard for me to make.

If I did it though, I probably wouldn’t release them all right away, since I’m just not sure if it’s entirely okay to grab them all in one day.


Ohh…totally forgot about this even though I see it all the time. But if I enter something like #kanji #jlpt-n2, it won’t search…do any tags work?

This was talked about earlier this year so it may not be necessary. Your decks looks nice though. I use WK but sometimes I just want a quick flip deck once in a while to refresh on some areas.


Haha I just wanted to mention those decks as well. I have the kanken decks ready to be published (they have been sitting in my account ever since that announcement :sweat_smile: ) , but I still gotta import the jlpt kanji files.

The kanji dictionary search doesn’t work with tags I think :frowning:

@Buscadon funny to see your name on the jisho forums by the way :laughing:


Oh sorry, yeah it doesn’t seem to work with that.

Thank you for telling me that! And thank you for the compliment. I feel like the one I have for kanji would probably be too like intense-looking, so I would tone it down if I publically released the set. I have no intention of doing that with that set though, b/c it’s pretty much just a set of kanji I have encountered in vocab that I need to study personally.

I’m excited to hear about those sets though, as well as the other ones mentioned! I love to see the straightforward and well-organized format for the deck, that’s goals tbh.

A slang set too! I have one that I took from memrise, but I think those ones are kinda hard to deal with b/c the problem of how reliable the information is, the explicitness of slang, and the fact that slang’s not always here to stay. Not to mention it can be hard to get them sometime beyond the English translation. Ex. 九の一 means “woman” apparently, but like in what sense? Is it like a rude term?
So yeah, that set’s strictly for “reading comprehension”

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Ahhh, makes sense. I’m glad they’re gonna be around, can’t wait to check them out!

Haha yeah, I wanted to see whether they had made any development on it. Chances are they haven’t tho, so I just moved on. I tried using the existing stuff to grab kanji, and I PM just got { }. I know there’s a Javascript API but I have no idea how to use those. :tired_face:

On a sidenote, spent some time finding a way to include animated drawings into my kanji set. Good to know the image section supports svgs, but didn’t get any luck on finding any easy to use ones. :sweat: Fun to look for though.