Japanese STT Speech Deck

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What is it?

Using FORVO’s useful travel phrases and expression, this deck is intended to be used by a verbal dictation keyboard speech to text (STT). Each card includes two distinctive native audio samples.

Everyday phrases
Receiving care
Getting around
Drinking & dining
Directions & locating

Layouts include:
Reading from Japanese - Read aloud the phrase, dictate verbal entry

Audio Shadow - Listen to the native audio phrase, repeat via dictate verbal entry

Sentence Recall from English - Test your recall to remember the Japanese phrase from English

All my STT tests we done with iphone. I check most entries and were able to reproduce the text entry (if you have issue, please let me know and I can test to confirm).

Be sure to have a Japanese keyboard enabled for speech dictation



Is this also possible from a desktop computer?

Yes, it is possible on desktop. I tried on Mac and worked as expected. Again, didn’t have the opportunity to try other platforms or how they compared.