Importing the JLPT Tango N5 MIA Anki Deck to Kitsun

Hi there!

I am brand new to Kitsun and really love the layout and possibilities! I am currently using Anki to study a deck called “JLPT Tango N5 MIA Japanese” that I love, especially because it includes pitch accent info. Unfortunately, I really dislike the look of Anki and the way its SRS functions, and prefer the SRS of WK and Kitsun.

I tried to auto import the Tango deck and it doesn’t seem to have worked – all of the cards are blank. I have read a few topics here in the community about manually uploading decks, but I have no coding experience whatsoever so a lot of it is like a foreign language to me (lol). I have no idea which options to tweak in order to make sure this deck imports correctly.

Furthermore, is it even possible to import this deck with the pitch accent notes in tact? My goal is to learn to speak Japanese, not just read it, so pitch accent is very important to me; otherwise I would use one of the community decks instead of bothering to import.

Any help is vastly appreciated. I have no clue what I am doing!

Link to the Anki deck here.

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It’s probably the same deck giving issue, on another thread. Maybe if it got fixed, it could be posted in the community centre

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Thanks for replying!

I did see that thread, and while it’s possible we are using the same deck, I highly doubt it as NONE of my cards display (while that OP’s deck displayed 75% of their cards). I tried checking what the person who replied there said about sentence syntax but do not see how it applies to my deck. I also tried messing with my cards and it doesn’t look like there’s a way to preserve the pitch accent info, so unfortunately I will likely be unable to use Kitsun, which sucks :frowning: the only work around would be to convert all of the cards’ pitch accent info into images, but that would take significantly more work than I have the time or knowledge for.

Anyway, thanks for your input!

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I messed with a manual upload on a converted template and I could get cards.

Is this syntax supposed to convert to a pitch accent graph?

I noticed a similar deck with a similar issue in Anki…it alluded there are several add-ons that may be necessary. Is the Migaku add on driving the conversion? That could be an issue here…I’m not certain, sorry if not helpful.

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Thank you for messing with it! I wish I had more coding knowledge because I feel like it would help so much in these kinds of apps lol.

And yes! The syntax with the [;a] and [;h] are the pitch accent graphs (there’s two others as well, n and o), here is what the pitch accent looks like in anki:

Anki PA 1

Anki PA 2

The first photo is color coded for each pitch accent type, the second photo shows the pitch accent on hover.

As for add ons needed, I actually did not need to download any addons to use the deck I am using, so it’s possible the OP in that link was using an older version or slightly different version from another creator? There are a LOT of Tango decks out there.

Again, thank you any way for continuing to look into it! Is there any way you could send me a screen shot of all the options in that pic above? So that I can mess with it? I couldn’t even get the cards to show, so you progressed much further than me!

I also wonder if Kitsun just doesn’t have the capability to show Pitch Accent… and if it does, what methods it DOES support, and if it would even be possible to convert my deck to those methods, or if there isn’t really any point (since it is a 1000 card deck).

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I don’t use Anki or Migaku nor am I CSS fluent, but that pitch accent pop-up definitely looks like the Migaku add-on. I’m guessing either it is embedded in a latest Anki update or the deck itself (unless you have happen to have uploaded)…not sure. Neicudi could look but I don’t this deck is compatible even with manual template changes.

I looked in the description and looks like this was modified from this original deck: JLPT Tango N5 1000 Most Common Japanese Words in Sentences - AnkiWeb
I messed with it and it does upload and you can try converting to a number of templates, the Hine templates could be good since they accept furigana features (see below). But there are no pitch accent features. I know it has been talked about on Kitsun, you may check the Discord channel. I know there are a few pitch accent extensions that can show as well.

I know not what you are asking but f interested, I suggest using the 10k Sen Kitsun Mod from the download above.

  1. Add a + a deck on your home screen ‘deck’ page for your target upload
  2. Tools > Import > Anki > Manual > drop apkg file
  3. Select target deck you created above
  4. Select 10k Sen Kitsun Mod
  5. Don’t claim ideal, but this is what I set up
  6. Layouts are up to you. But this deck can do recognition and comprehension


For Comprehension you have something like this:



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Hey @Lunafeather, so sorry for the late reply! I’ve been having some health issues the past few weeks which have caused me to take a little break while everything gets back to normal.

Kitsun indeed has nothing currently built in to display pitch accent. I did a quick search through the anki documentation and I don’t think it has anything built in to show pitch accent by default either. Which makes me think it is indeed an addon that’s showing you the info.

That aside, adding pitch accent information is actually on my priority to-do list for the cards generated with the dictionary tool, and will require a specific syntax too in order to display the information. I can check whether the syntax used by your deck seems clear to me and if so add it to Kitsun too. That way your current deck should become compatible with Kitsun :smiley:

It might take some time before it is implemented though, so if you want I can ping you here when it gets implemented and give you a new trial to try again (in case it is still helpful to you at that time)?

@s1212z I keep on saying this, but thanks again!


Oh man! I posted here mostly looking for community support, definitely wasn’t expecting a reply directly from you! I really appreciate you taking the time to read through my post, you rock. And no need to apologize about a late reply, your health comes first for sure. I hope that you are feeling better!

Anki does not have anything built in for Pitch Accent, no. The deck I am using must have addon functionality built into it – I literally can’t edit anything about the damn thing, not even the background color of the cards. When I edit the notes for a card in the deck, it is literally a wall of text starting with “< script >”, if that would help you at all in adding anything to Kitsun.

And yes! Please ping me when you get it implemented! I am even willing to help test it out if that will speed the process up. I LOVE the look and feel of kitsun, I just love this deck a little more haha and I won’t say no to a new trial!

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help! And again, thank you for looking into it!

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How is it going?

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It’s likely going to be part of a larger overhaul of the dictionary features.

The (as of yet) unannounced project will also become the source for the API replacement within Kitsun. Pitch information has already been added, so it’s a matter of launching and implementing our own new API :smile:

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