Blank cards from N5 tango import

Hey, I am new here and imported a anki deck which my friends have recommended me to use on this site. it was all going well until the cards started to be shown as blank, both on the font and reverse sides, however in the quick edit function, the card could data could be seen similar to the previous cards which had worked fine.

I am wondering if this is a common occurrence and has a fix, because right now it seems impossible to do lessons or reviews when 1 in 4 cards are missing but to progress are counted as seen.

may be an error on my side or the deck itself, however I am simply too inexperienced to tell

thanks for any help! hopefully i can work it out before my trial ends XD

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Hey @travissmith !

I’ll take a quick look to see what’s causing the issue. I’m guessing it’s about the card data or it’s associated template and layouts.

The cards that are blank have a layout that only shows data if the card has a sentence {{#fieldname}} syntax. I’ve removed that from the layouts so the data will at least still show up :slight_smile:

You might be interested in converting the cards from the custom imported template to one of the Kitsun defaults or the community templates. You can do so through the actions dropdown in the cards management table. Do note: This action can mess up your cards if you do it wrong, so be sure to test it out with a single card first.