I am new here

Hello. I am stay_coolXD. Some might know me from wanikani. So i just started here (i was studying vocabs with kamesame) but decided i will pause and try it here.
I have been learning japanese for a year and 3~4 months and enjoying it.
Currently i am doing wk expansion and 10K vocabulary
And i got questions for fellow expert users.
1- as i said i am already experienced learner so i am don’t want to do early stuff how can i remove the stuff i know?
2- do lesson and reviews overlap between decks or not. For example in the main menu i have 5 lesson for which deck would it be for. Sorry if this turned up to be noob question but tbh i really liked the system so far


Welcome to Kitsun! Hope you have a good time studying here!

WK expansion and 10k are awesome from what I’ve seen of them. I’m nowhere near finished with WK yet though, so I don’t think I’ll be doing expansion for a while. :joy:

1 ) You can hibernate cards that you already know. This can be done in two ways:
A ) While doing a lesson or reviews, there’s a button in the bottom left corner that says “Actions” and click "Hibernate’
B ) While looking at the base page for a deck (where you click on review or lesson), there’s a button at the top right that says “manage cards.” Go into that, select all the cards you want to hibernate, then go to the actions tab, and hibernate them.
@Tomato might have a better way to explain this, but I think that does the job.

2 ) So I think there’s two answers to this question depending on what you mean. Lessons and review do not overlap between decks in the sense that having 5 lessons in a set does not mean you can just do 5 lessons in another set instead. So, on your home page if it says you have 5 lessons, it’s probably just for one specific set. If you have 10 lessons on your home page, it’s probably for multiple sets.

If you mean whether the decks overlap in what vocab they contain, they definitely do. I believe right now Neicudi is making a system to find overlaps between decks your studying so that you don’t accidentally end up studying the same word twice without knowing it.



I think you might mean content-wise. Excluding WK content, there is overlap on the 10k and WKexp but it also diverges. There was a specific graph I was looking for but I can’t find it. Here was a detailed response from @jprspereira who knows both of these decks very well. I don’t think it’s in your interest to do both at the same time though.

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Thank you for your reply. I kinda figured the hibernate thing but i am afraid i would have to scroll over 500 items to check if i studied them or not. So instead i think i will be doing that through lessons then🙃

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Welcome, glad to have you on board!

Just to add to what others have said above, the known words system (that’s coming this week) will let you mark vocab/words as known so that you can easily filter out duplicates between decks (and other tools). It will also automatically mark something as known once you finish the lesson for it.

Afterwards it will get expanded to make use of the WK API to sync known words from there and perhaps imports/text fields where you can input your know words. This should hopefully make it easier for users with existing knowledge to start using Kitsun :smiley:


Ohhh @Stay_coolXD, glad to see you on this side too :grin:

I definitely suggest you go for the Core 10k and create your personal deck for interesting words you see from exposure (have you explored the dictionary feature yet? :smiley:).

About the repeated words, I’d say go lesson by lesson. Kitsun will have a known words system implemented this week so you won’t have to deal with figuring out which cards to hibernate (suspend). Another reason is that WK doesn’t list all relevant meanings of the vocab they teach. Learning some of these words again on Kitsun might be an opportunity to reinforce some of those meanings :slight_smile:

For now, I’d suggest against doing the WK expansion deck, it needs a bit of polishing :sweat_smile:

Welcome to Kitsun and I hope you enjoy being here :fox_face:


Now that’s a familar face😆
Ok i will stick with it for now and see how it goes.

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I’m everywhere walking through the shadowwssss