General SubsToKitsun suggestions thread (feel free to add yours)

So Neicudi has indicated that he’ll soon make some additions to the SubsToKitsun upon by suggestion to add a monolingual sentence card feature to SubsToKitsun so I decided to make this thread as a suggestion/complaint box. Just wanna precede it by saying that I’m fluent in 3 languages (Japanese slowly becoming my fourth) but none of them are programming ones so do feel free to kanchō me if I ask for something too unreasonable.

  • Allow aligning subtitles by 100 milliseconds rather than just 500. Sometimes the misalignment is such that the subtitles are always just shy or a bit fast. This doesn’t considerably affect the viewing experience but it makes it impossible to automatically generate cards since either the beginning or the end of the audio for a particular sentence will get cut off.
  • Allow audio editing as soon as a card is automatically generated rather than have to go on the manage cards list to do it.
  • Allow automatic flashcards that span multiple lines/subtitles. The idea is that there are sentences that are often split into two or three subtitles because they’re long or said with some kind of pause in between. Or maybe there’s some two or three line dialogue that is helpful in order to understand how a particular word works (I generally try to find I+1 sentences sandwiched between two sentences I fully understand and put all of three in the same audio card). Either way, it would be nice to be able to join multiple subtitles into one card.
  • Allow for customizing the buffer period for recorded audio before and after a subtitle when generating cards. Essentially you could determine whether you want the audio to be exactly coincident with the span of the subtitle on screen or you could choose whether the audio would start say 1 second before the subtitle and end 2 or more after. This would be useful to correct for any subtitle misalignment in the making of flashcards but also to account for user side lag.
  • Gif or Video of the scene. I assume this not to be all that easy but a man can dream.
  • Automatically generate a whole episode’s worth of flashcards.
  • Add cake

Sounds fine to me :smile: I believe I had it at 300ms at the start.

What exactly do you mean by this? How do you usually edit the audio?

I like the idea, but I think it might be a bit difficult to execute well from a UI/UX point of view. Ideally I’d prefer to keep it as simple as possible so there is little chance for confusion about how it works.

Sounds like a good option to me!

Both would be possible, but I’m a bit wary to implement it due to copyright and data size issues.

I’ve decided against this idea due to the amount of cards that would quickly fill up the database, the media data size that would be uploaded to the hosting and the amount of useless cards it would create. You will often see subs2srs decks that are filled with useless cards and media, and that’s exactly what I’d like to prevent.

However, I do have a queue system on my prio todo list at the moment. With this you can select/mark subtitles that you want to generate cards for, and generate those cards all at once! This way the user still has to select the stuff they want (so no trash) but the actual process becomes automated (e.g. after watching the episode). I personally think this is the best of both worlds as Kitsun gets no useless data, and the user can focus on watching the show instead of creating card by card manually.

Thanks for all the feedback! Would love more feedback or suggestions if anyone else wants to chime in as well :smiley:

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Thank you and no problem!
I’m sorry I wasn’t clear. I mean that sometimes I’ll generate a card knowing full well that it doesn’t have all the audio I want in it (either because it’s slightly cut or because I want the preceding or succeeding line); so I make my own recording and download it. But for me to actually be able to upload it onto the card I have to go to the manage cards menu and scroll down all the way to it because the menu that pops up when you first generate the card in STK allows for editing of the foreign and native boxes as well as notes but does not allow for changing the image or the audio.
PS: Your reply was suspiciously silent in regards to my last suggestion.

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Ahh I see. Hmm… Can probably add it to the popup :slight_smile: Hopefully those other changes take away most of the need for it though!

:tada: :joy:

If I may add one more, it’d be nice if we could choose which audiotrack is to be used when we upload a video file. I often very legally download a dual-track (eng dub and jp) anime simply because it is generally the most or at all seeded file or is the most complete in terms of OVAS and specials. But then if I try to use it on SubsToKitsun it defaults to the first listed audio track (which is often the eng dub).

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Yep agreed! Noticed that some of my files played with english dub ( :tired_face: ) active by default, will definitely look into that one!

  • +1 to select the audio track
  • Support internal (soft) subtitles
  • Netflix integration (create flashcards from NF subs) :grinning: (kind of a long shot, but it would be really nice)

Coincidentally I took another look at audio track switching today. Previously I found out that the major browsers (chrome, firefox) do not support switching audiotracks. However, it seems that this support can be enabled by the users themselves if they enable a certain flag in their browser settings. So it seems like it might be worth exploring again soon!

Soft subtitles are baked into the videofile so sadly we wouldn’t be able to extract the text from there…

I’m not sure how netflix shows the subtitles, but we do plan on releasing a browser extension that works similar to the reader tool later on (parse sentence -> lookup selected word -> create flashcard) that might be able to help with netflix as well. But as said it depends on how netflix shows their subtitles, might need to make something specifically for that instead ^^


I know it is possible to access the subtitles from an extension because there are some that do exactly that, like Language Learning with Netflix, the LingQ importer, and others.

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The way you phrased this made me think of video files as soft baked cookies… :drooling_face:



Would be great to have a Subs2Kitsun Lite. Sometimes I just want to the template for sentences (no still or audio). Or better yet, could link subtitle files together, just for quick sentence mining without the media. Sounds like the extension you are working on may have something similar. I imagine it could cut down on server space too.

I think in that case you might just be able to copy paste the content of the subtitle file into the reading assistance tool? :smiley: Can always convert it to another template once you are done.

I was envisioning an srt file uploads for target language and translation (if possible to link them without video). How would the reading assistance tool handle the translations?

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Ah now I get what you meant, sorry about that. Yeah, it would not work when trying to combine two subtitle files.

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