Monolingual Sentence Cards in SubsToKitsun (Audiovisual at the front/L2 Subs at the back)

The SubsToKitsun feature has grown more and more on me as I’ve recently done the monolingual transition and started doing monolingual sentence cards.
As such, I would love it if STK had a card type where the front would only be audiovisual and at the back the foreign language subtitle itself.



At the moment I get around this by uploading the JP subs file in both the Foreign and Native box and then deleting the text from the foreign box.
A monolingual card option would streamline the process just a tiny bit.


I fully agree with your suggestion. I plan on upgrading Subs2Kitsun with some new functionality very soon, might include this suggested layout as one of the defaults.

As a workaround for now, you could just create the layout and use the “set layouts” mass management action to switch all of your generated cards to your prefered layout(s) :smiley:

Thanks for the feedback!