Double Sale & Introducing

Hey everyone!

I hope your studies are going well, and if they aren’t, well, read on for an announcement that might just motivate you to get back into the swing of things.

I’ll cut to the chase, Kitsun is having its usual annual lifetime sale, but with a big twist!

We are proud and very excited to announce the launch of our new Japanese language learning platform, MaruMori.

MaruMori is everything you could want to learn Japanese in specific. It’s the full package, it’s the whole picture, it’s the… steak and the potatoes. Basically, we wanted to eliminate the need to use multiple platforms. So we created an all-in-one, guided, gamified Japanese learning experience. It will take you all the way from absolute beginner to language mastery, and the best part is you can start anywhere. You’ll find hand-crafted grammar lessons, packed with detail and language secrets to impress your friends with, as well as reading exercises tailored to your level, so you can start reading real Japanese right from the start. Not to mention, we’ve curated an extensive vocabulary database, our own kanji learning system, and much, much more.

Needless to say, we think it’s pretty awesome, and we’re pretty sure you will too. But hey, feel free to try it out yourself if you’re interested in learning Japanese in specific!

And so in the spirit of the holidays, not only will the Kitsun lifetime subscription be on sale, but we’re doubling everything up, so you now have a one-time chance to bundle up a Kitsun and MaruMori lifetime membership at a, frankly, pretty incredible price.

MaruMori’s own individual early access sale is on now too, and the discount will be slowly decreasing over the coming weeks so the earlier you are, the bigger the discount.

Click here to get in on that sweet, sweet early-bird pricing or to check out the special bundle :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Now I’m sure some of you might be wondering why we are launching a second platform next to Kitsun.

This is mostly because we really wanted to focus on the Japanese language with our new project, making it a bad fit with Kitsun, where everything is as “dynamic” and “tweakable” as it can be. MaruMori is more about the content (grammar lessons, reading exercises, etc) and about offering an all-in-one solution for learning Japanese. Whereas Kitsun is more about being able to share community content, tweaking with settings for an optimal flow, or for learning more than one subject or subjects other than Japanese.

But what does this mean for Kitsun?

Nothing in particular! Development on both platforms will continue and we’ll keep improving them both.
In fact, Kitsun will also become better for Japanese learners!

E.g. One of the first things we will do is replace the datasource of the current Japanese dictionary in Kitsun, with the one in MaruMori. That way we can offer additional features on created cards in Kitsun too (like automatic pitch information).

We have also implemented account linking (at the MaruMori settings page) which will unlock a very special achievement, badge and title on MaruMori and will later be used to sync your known words between both platforms (if you use both).

Special Discount For Kitsun Lifetimers

If you already have Kitsun Lifetime and are interested in getting MaruMori, you’ll be happy to hear that we’ve also got a special deal for you, as our thanks for supporting us over the years!

Once you link your Kitsun account in MaruMori (settings page), you will get a special extra discount on top of the current discounted MaruMori price.

In any case, we hope you have a great holiday period and hope to see you around in the coming year as well! Keep on studying! :heart: :tada:


MaruMori looks really nice but I’ve already bought the Bunpro lifetime sale like a week ago and I don’t have the budget for two lifetime sales a year. :sweat:
But I think I’ll definitely check the page out next year to see if a yearly subscription discount is available provided N2 stuff is added then. It looks like I’d have more fun learning with MaruMori than with Bunpro.
It’s nice to see more and more great resources for learning Japanese being developed.

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It looks like a cool site. But also seems like it’s still early in development and the price a bit steep. Are the N5 and N4 levels in the adventure considered finished for now?


The currently available content are the Absolute Beginner and Beginner islands. In more clear terms that means the following:

  • Grammar Lessons → Pre-N5 and N5 grammar points are done
  • Reading Exercises → same as above
  • Kanji → We have our own mnemonics up to 300 kanji at the moment, which covers a lot more than the usual N5 kanji
  • Vocabulary → We teach around 1000 vocabulary with those 300 kanji in the available regions, although they are lacking premade mnemonics at the moment.
  • Drills / Trainers - Kana drills are currently available, conjugation drills should be coming in the next few weeks, which will get added to the existing and new regions as levels too.

Aside from that we have all unlocks for future regions available as a big study list in the premade study lists section, so you could already go much further than that (or create your own of course).

Regarding upcoming content, we are releasing our first batch of Lower Intermediate (N4) levels in a few days. Which includes 1 reading exercise, 5 grammar lessons and an unlock batch (with kanji mnemonics). After this we will be releasing new levels on a bi-weekly schedule, aside from our other new features that we plan on introducing in the coming months.

Please take a look at our roadmap for MM if you’re interested in seeing what’s coming :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Our ambition with MaruMori is very large, and creating the content takes quite some care, time and a lot of doublechecking to make sure everything is accurate and fits for an optimal learning flow where everything is supposed to supplement eachother (e.g. reading exercises introducing new grammar and kanji / vocabulary you just unlocked, or previously learned verbs showing up in the conjugation drills). We have a lot of things coming up that also require more resources to create (listening exercises, mock exams to name a few).

It is also something I can not do by myself, unlike most of Kitsun. So that is pretty much why we are introducing early support options at this point.

That said, I can completely understand if it is currently too steep for you. Please feel free to try out the website regardless of whether you want to use it in the future or not. After all, it is complete free to use until we feel confident that we offer enough content and quality to warrant the price tag :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Trying out the website and reporting bugs or leaving feedback already helps us a bunch too!


Thanks for your detailed reply!
So it’s fine to just start and once all currently available lessons are through, one can wait until the next ones are ready? Like do you intend to put out the future content in order of levels and from N4 to N1?

I will start later today and just might get a lifetime sub. The site sounds like a great idea, thanks for the work :slight_smile:


Yeah absolutely! You can go through all the available content and follow along as we release new levels every two weeks. We’ll be going all the way to N1 and perhaps even further, but that’s still quite a way off at the moment :smiley:

Thank you! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Hello, may I ask when the annual Kitsun’s sale end?

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A bit steep for a super early bird, but I love what you are making (or rather what you described it will be) and know you do a great job with Kitsun so feel confident that it will be good.
I don’t have time today to check it out, so subscribed in good faith without testing the available content :grin:
I love that the subscription model is Lifetime, cause I need to go slow to not burnout, and even when I do I still get burned out periods that can last months (Thanks brain XD AuDHD with chronic fatigue =P )

I was able to get in early enough to grab my name, Storm :partying_face:
It LOOKS like it could be available here too (at least according to the forum)
But couldn’t see any options for changing username. Is there any?


Kitsun’s sale started a bit later than usual this year, as we wanted to bundle it together. Because of that it will also last a little longer than usual. Likely to end in the second week of January (so say, 14th).

I’ll give a heads up before it nearly ends :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much! Really flattering to hear that! :blush: I hope you’ll enjoy using MM in the coming years (and beyond)!

I can manually change your username if you’d like. I’ll check if it’s available for you :smiley:

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I would love that!
If Storm is available :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Done! You probably need to log in and out of the forums to resync it here though (or level up, then it should sync automatically :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: )

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Thank you so much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I reloged and got it :grin:

Do you think it will affect the link? Or sort itself?

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Oh! I forgot about that, updating it for you now :slight_smile:

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It shows correctly for me now. Thank you so much! :grin:
I’m also enjoying the new site so far. Only done a few for now (due to time, it is Christmas after all) and just love the bits of humor here and there, making it very enjoyable and fun!

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Great to hear :blush:

I was wondering, will there be a monthly subscription? Because I can’t afford the lifetime subscription right now :frowning:

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Yes, in the future we will introduce Monthly and Yearly subscriptions, but for the coming months it will stay completely free to use though, so feel free to use it! The early supporter option is mostly for users who want to get in on the pretty large discount and support us while we further develop the website :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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