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Update 9/20/2020: Got rid of duplicates in deck.

What are Wasei Eigo (和製英語) and why study them?
Often, words taken into Japanese have similar/same meanings as they do in the original language. Since many loan words come from English, some people assume that knowing English is enough to understand all of these words. With Wasei Eigo, this is not true. Essentially, these are words that are formed using English (Eigo), but do not actually exist in English, or at least mean different things.

Here’s an example: if you play baseball, you might assume that “deddo booru” means “dead ball,” but it actually doesn’t! According to the MLB, in English it means “a ball that is out of play.” However, the Japanese meaning of “deddo booru” according to Jisho is a “pitch that hits the batter.” There’s an important difference between those two terms! There’s plenty of terms like this - “konsento” = “power plug” and not “consent”, “kanningu” = “cheating on a test” and not “cunning” - and it’s worth your time to focus on them!

This set will make sure that you aren’t missing wasei eigo in case you aren’t studying a Katakan set, or if the Katakana set doesn’t have it.

Does this mean I shouldn’t study a regular Katakana set?
No. Wasei Eigo will probably be some of the most difficult for an English speaker to understand just by hearing it, but many words taken with their meaning from English still sound very different in Japanese. You need to know those differences, and they aren’t something you can easily turn into a system (esp. when pitch accent comes into play). Besides, there are still plenty of katakana words that come from other languages, like “pan” (bread, from Portuguese).

Also, this set might come in handy for ESL teachers in Japan. As far as I know, it’s not obvious to Japanese speakers which words are wasei and which aren’t, so they’re bound to try and use one of these terms in English. While many words might make sense to you because they’re reasonable English constructions (ex. dead ball or guard man), it’s worthwhile to try and catch them when they appear.


Also just a small comment, but I’m not a big fan of the English translation “Japanese-made English” or “English made in Japan” because it implies that it’s a word that exists in English that was made in Japan. Because the essential noun here is “English.” I think “English-made Japanese” is better but it might imply that English speakers made these words. The best I can think of, but not the shortest is “Made from English Japanese.”

I will also admit that there are words that are wasei eigo that I think actually do exist in English (“guard man” for example), but it’s hard to say since those ones also might be pulling on my intuition as a natural speaker.

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Wow, @Buscadon is publishing alot of great decks lately, it’s much appreciated!

So much content I want to study, just can’t keep up!


Completely agreed! :smiley:


Great deck! :grin: Even though I fully completed the Katakana 4.5k deck, there’s still good words missing there that are on this one :grin: So I’ll for sure enjoy using this deck. Love the design as well ^^

One thing though: this deck seems to be invaded with duplicated cards D:

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Oh wow, no problem! :grin: It’s fun to make decks and I enjoy the variety it offers. What I tend to do is just learn really small amounts of each deck I make at a time, like maybe even just 1 per day.
I’ll keep making them as I get ideas! Though I don’t want to stretch myself too thin, so if I end up making another deck for some reason, it will definitely be something I hibernate until I finish another deck’s learning. :zzz:

Thanks! :smile: And yeah, I’m also going through the Katakana deck myself, so I’m just hoping these two don’t have too much overlap. It was actually inspired by me finding wasei in the katakana set and realizing that they might only have like 30 of them in there. Even if there is overlap though, it doesn’t hurt having a deck that will get you learning them sooner / reviewing them.

Speaking of the design, this set’s interface uses a design that I made for a previous deck that only has like 100 terms, so I’m glad to put it to better use!

Oh no, thanks a million for pointing this out so quickly!! :cold_sweat: I put my CSV through a sorter and like half the terms were duplicates! For a second I thought something had gone wrong with the thing I made to grab all these terms, but it turns out the problem is that Jisho itself has like 800 duplicates of different wasei words. In order to fix it on here, I had to delete all the words in the set and reupload the fixed version, so sorry if this gets rid of anyone’s progress! I mean this set is a day old though so hopefully you haven’t gotten too far?

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The thing is… could you even delete the cards from the deck? Because afaik you can’t delete cards from community decks. You’d have to ask @Neicudi to actually delete the cards. This is to prevent people from deleting full decks where thousands of users will have progress on. Just imagine someone had access to Hine’s laptop and would delete the Core 10k deck :grimacing: You get the idea.

On the community center, it says the deck has 898 cards:

But inside the deck it says 2521.


I would prevent doing any modifications to the deck before Neicudi helps with fixing this :o

There’s more than that, they’re just not tagged like that. The cards with text itself were added through my own suggestions to the deck and hine has accepted those. There are more suggestions yet to accept, so that’s why it seems so little :slight_smile:

Yeah that’s what I figured, but it’s better to be safer than sorry. Also speaking of @hinekidori, where did they go? I don’t think I remember ever talking to them but it seems like they made a lot of sets here.

Ahhh okay, that’s pretty tragic then. Well in that case I’ll just have to wait for Neicudi to delete all the terms in the set so I can re-reupload them. However, I am a bit confused as to why I can delete them in the base set? It works perfectly fine in my base version of the set, only the 898 terms there.

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You’re not supposed to be able to delete cards in the base deck if it is a reference for a published card.

Edit: Hotfixed it.


So if I understand correctly, you deleted the original cards and tried to publish the new cards right? I’ll check if anyone is using the community deck yet and delete all cards in it if not. After that a new update should be good to go.

I’ll let you know once it’s ready :smile:


Should be good now :slight_smile:


I was not aware of Wasei Eigo. Interesting stuff. There’s a similar phenomenon in Germany. For example Handy means cellphone, which somehow makes sense but still…

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I’m having a bit of trouble reading the text circled in red on my screenshot. Maybe it could be a good idea to choose a clearer color here? :thinking:

It would also be cool to have the field “vocabulary” display on the lessons/reviews summary over the current “meanings”.

You can change that by going to “Layouts”, selecting the template from this deck, and selecting “Vocabulary” on the “Display field”:

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Ahh, I had always wondered what that was for, thanks for telling!

Unfortunately that text is part of the dark theme, not something I set myself. I forgot how to override it, but I’m pretty sure I might have put the blur tag on it, so I might just remove it.

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There we go, it should be fixed now!

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It is, tysm :grin:

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Thanks @jprspereira for the suggestion you’ve been doing with the set!

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Of course! :slight_smile: Been doing 10 lessons a day, hope you’ve enjoying the feedback!

What is your opinion about words that can be considered 18+? So far on this deck I’ve found ソープランド and シックスナイン. Do you think adding a note to the deck description or a 18+ tag to these words would make sense? I’m just suggesting, it really doesn’t make a difference to me. Just some thought you’d probably appreciate me sharing :slight_smile:

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That’s a good idea, I didn’t really think of that before! I’ll actually do both, adding a note to the set and building a tag for it.

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