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Update: 4/7/19 - A hover feature has been added to the furigana so it won’t give it away unless you need an extra hint. Essentially, it won’t show unless you hover your cursor over it or tap it on your phone.


I wanted to ask you about People - 人 - じん card. Should it be 〜じん and “People counter” or ひと and person?

For nin and jin It’s really hard to say what reading goes with what. A pattern really hasnt jumped out for me. Here is a few example of reading from wanikani up to level 15

evil/bad person(あくにん - 悪人)
three people (さんにん - 三人)[people counter]
merchent (しょうにん - 商人)
Human being (にんげん - 人間)
Another person (たにん - 他人)
Goverment official (やくにん - 役人)

murderer (さつじんしゃ - 殺人者)
population (じんこう ー 人口)
human life (じんせい - 人生 )
japanese (にほんじん - 日本人) [nationality]
Personality ( じんかく - 人格)
Poet (しじん - 詩人 )
Friend ( ゆうじん - 友人)

people(ひとびと = 人々)
person(ひと - 人)
Alone/oneself (ひと - 一人で)

For people counting, i would have said it’s nin (minus one person/two person). @Hinekidori probably took his examples straight from Genki, im guessing.

What I tried to mean with my message is mainly that じん is not a valid individual “word”, so it is confusing it is presented this way instead of ~じん or 人.

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Ohh never mind - I barked up the wrong tree.

For ambiguous cards like that, the tilde would be good for jin readings, or a subtitle included. Im guessing you’re guessing and its 50/50 and then you have to escape and re-enter?

Not really. It just feels odd and want to know if I’m missunderstanding something or not

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For the card in question it is looking for じん or にん. I originally removed the tilde because it was affecting the input, but I think I have fixed that. :crossed_fingers:

Thanks for bringing it up. I have updated the card.

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I can confirm it is working OK now.

Is it possible to make a distinction for あれ and それ(same for あの, and その) when we need to translate from english to japanese? Like adding “over there” for あれ
For both words、 we have the card “That one” (or “that”) I am not sure how we can know if it’s それ or あれ as an answer


Needs a complementary Genki grammar guide.
coughs and runs away

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How’s the Tae Kim’s one that you imported?

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Would you mind cleaning up input for katakana words? :pleading_face: Some require capital letters to convert to katakana and some convert to katakana upon normal input. That’s just what I noticed in the lesson 1 (and 2? I’m not even sure about that) vocab…

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Thanks for the feedback! If you could let me know where this is happening specifically I can certainly take a look at it to see what I can do.

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Sure, I’ll do my next review tomorrow morning, there’s still WK waiting and it’s already time for bed…

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I used the Genki deck for the past few days and just wanted to say thank you @hinekidori for creating this wonderful deck! It is so much more fun than doing my Genki deck with Anki :wink:


Thank you for the shout out. I’m glad others are finding it useful. :grin:

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Hine-sama :bowing_woman:

This is my first time saying something to you directly, if anything, please spare my life. 申し訳ございません。

  • “kaiwa” sound doesn’t play
  • “dialogue” sound doesn’t play. Both audio files are there, but no sound when I hit play.

This post also acts as my note, I’ll awaken these two hibernated cards once they’re fixed.



This might be a caching error, you could try clearing the cache to see if it works again

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I can confirm the audio files are uncorrupted. The site has had cache issues with audio in the past. Try clearing your cache and see if that helps.

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Okay. I’ve just cleared all of my Safari caches. Now I’m waiting for about an hour 5 minutes or hmm :thinking: I mean I’m waiting for both items to appear to test/review again. Thank you. Sorry I didn’t reply directly when I saw Neicudi’s reply and I was incoherent 3h ago it was late here. Right now it’s ok I guess I’ve collected all my souls.

Edit 1: Ah, they both didn’t appear on my review an hour ago. I’ll let you know after they appear again on my review, hopefully at 6 am tomorrow morning. I don’t want to change kitsun srs default setting yet.

Edit 2: The audio still didn’t work :sob: I hope I didn’t clear cache incorrectly on my Safari right? Command , then Privacy, then Manage Website Data, then Remove all.

I’ll try Chrome. Oh? It worked? I didn’t even clear caches yet there? It was 新しい友達 and かいわaudio reviews.

What happened to my Safari . . .

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