[Discussion & Feedback] Aria: Volumes 2+

Did you read the first volume of Aria: Masterpiece Edition and enjoy it immensely? Would you like to read more of that wonderfulness? Then this is the deck for you :wink:

If you have any thoughts or feedback on my Aria: Volumes 2+ deck, this is the place to leave it. This could be:

  • Synonym requests
  • Error reports
  • Extra word suggestions
  • Feedback on the layouts
  • General discussion

The WaniKani Aria Book Club has now read the first three volumes, so you can get grammar help on those there too :blush:

The second volume starts off by re-establishing some of the story (thanks to interesting publishing shenanigans), which means vocabulary from volume 1 immediately comes in useful. It takes a few chapters for the story to start to pick up again, so bear with it!


Currently covers up to: Chapter 20, Volume 2 (i.e. all of volume 2)

My ambition is for this deck to cover all volumes from 2 through 7, but currently it is a volume 2 deck!