[Discussion & Feedback] Aria: Volume 1

Helloooooo, beautiful readers of Aria!

If you have any thoughts or feedback on my Aria: Volume 1 deck, this is the place to leave it.This could be:

  • Synonym requests
  • Error reports
  • Extra word suggestions
  • Feedback on the layouts
  • General discussion

As I focused on words I personally didn’t know when creating this deck, I’m especially keen to hear what extra words people would like to see added in. Bonus points if you tell me the chapter where it first appears (the vocab sheet from the WaniKani Book Club is your friend).

Also, how did you find Aria if you’ve read it? :blush: Did you use the deck to pre-learn words before diving in, or did you read first and then use the deck to reinforce the new words you came across?

Don’t forget to check out Volumes 2+ if you enjoyed it :wink:



Just dropping in to say that using this deck made reading through volume 1 an absolute breeze. I made sure to pre-learn the whole deck and get everything to Kit rank (except some leeches) before I started reading it and I only had to look words up maybe three times total for the whole volume.

Can’t wait to start the volume 2+ deck :smiley:


I’m so glad it worked really well for you :blush:

Don’t forget to let me know those extra words you identified - I’m going to add the ones you already passed on today :ok_hand:

Edit | Added:

  • 間もなく
  • 不思議
  • わがまま
  • 観光客
  • 専門

All from chapter 1


Where’s your radish avatar??

Also, any plans to combine the Aria decks into one?

It’s on my other laptop D: it’s confusing me too!

Hmm, probably not. I want to keep volume 1 separate so that the number of cards isn’t intimidating to new readers, and for people who might not want to commit to reading more volumes before they’ve read the first.

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I agree with this reasoning. If you’re going for volume 2 you might as well go for the whole thing, while if you do volume 1, you might not know how you like it and whether you want to continue reading it.

I guess there could be people who only decide to start using the decks after reading volume 1 who would prefer to have the whole lot together (so I could add volume 1 words to the overall deck and leave people to hibernate them), but I worry it would cause confusion and imagine that from this point on the vast majority of users will be going the pre-learning route.

Just download the picture from your account on WaniKani. :stuck_out_tongue:

But, but… the quality!

Just got my first burn on this deck (well, yesterday)! :tada:

It was 待ち合わせ, which is funny / annoying because 待合 is one of my worst leeches on WaniKani :persevere:



Sorry to suddenly barrel in with all the questions, but am I being a dumb dumb or is it no longer possible for me to edit my OPs?

Err, you should be able to? There’s no edit button anymore?

Not that I can see :thinking:

I definitely used to be able to, because I can see that I edited my Volume 2 deck several times in the past.

That’s super weird, I’ll take a look at the settings

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Just noticed that I can edit my new layouts thread OP, so perhaps it’s some kind of time limit / locking mechanism?

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That’s exactly what happened, I think I fixed it now, could you check again? ^^

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Yes! Thank you :blush:

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Does this deck have 100% of the vocab words? does it have 100% of the kanji? or is there a prerequisite before learning this? Does it only contain grammar? Currently only half way through on level 3 on WaniKani if that helps. The plan would be to use this deck to learn all the vocab so i can then study the grammar. Any flaws with my plan?

Oh gosh, I’m sorry for such a late reply!

You’ve probably moved on by now, but to answer your question: no, it doesn’t contain all words. I originally made it for myself so only included words I didn’t know, though I’ve added a few extra in over time.

I hope it will still help you read much faster through knowing a good proportion of the words though. I’m very happy to add extra cards for words you encounter which you don’t know.

(with the caveat that I don’t want to add very simple words like いる or 食べます because frankly attempting to read this manga if you don’t even know 今 is probably not a great use of someone’s time!)