Deck - 四字熟語 for Kitsun

This deck contains 700+ of the most common yojijukugo words: Deck link Here

Recommended order for deck filtering:

  1. 四字熟語データバンク人気四字熟語[TOP50]
    -50 of the most common
    -Tagged by both writing and speaking frequency ranking

  2. 小学生のうちに覚えたい四字熟語の一覧表:ドリル

  3. Included in HKES : 4 sources only

  4. Community Recommendations

Not intended to be comprehensive list, just enough for the casual learner. There are thousands of possible words, recommend if you want an addition if common enough.

Thanks to @Buscadon, @FlamySerpent, @jprspereira for their deck and source suggestions!


OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG YAY :kitlove: Added it already, thanks a bunch! Now I have something to do for a year or two huh :eyes:


Oh, a couple of things, it seems like there’s a second template in the deck thats not being used. Also could you add the English -> Japanese as a layout please? :eyes:


Both all set, thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

I debated on whether doing Eng->Jp or not…but I do learn them better and sounds like others will use it too.

I won’t start this deck myself just yet, not until I finish a few others. Watch out for doubles, I eliminated over 250 from all the lists (I may have missed a few).

Also, added a new category with a few additional entries for community recommendations.


Nice, thanks! :kitlove: It seems though like the 10k template is still there. I have the button to remove it, but that loads forever and does nothing :eyes:


Hey, I noticed that the TOP 50 is the Top 48?

Same, the list of decks I want to study is piling up too high :sob: But I’ll start this one ASAP.

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I just checked again and it wasn’t there so my update from earlier worked on my side. I republished again just in case…maybe sign out of Kitsun and come back and check? Should be 717 cards as of now (one marked for deletion)

It’s really 1-49 and then they had a repeat which I deleted. So yeah, false advertising but I’m just using their own title :grin:

Good luck!


Yeah, the template is still there for me in the deck and in the settings, maybe @Neicudi knows what’s up? :eyes: It’s also 718 cards for me

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Weird, the card count if off too. We should be now be at 721 due to some recent community additions…Hopefully deck updates are going through but this agrees with the community centre count from what I see (hopefully everyone else sees it)


Hmm, I’ll have to check it out once I can. @FlamySerpent Do all cards do show up for you?


My deck says 721 cards.


Oh, I hibernated 3 cards, that’s why it’s 718 xD Yeah the card count is all correct, the 10k template is still there though :thinking: