Can I group my reviews by keyboard input needed?

I’ve just started with SRS, and Kitsun is my very first try - no experience with Anki or Memrise or anywhere else (and it’s been a challenge with the Kitsun knowledge base shut down just now)…

When I am doing my reviews for Japanese vocabulary, it’s really slow because I keep having to switch between my standard keyboard for English answers, and then back to Hiragana (which I can convert to kanji), and then over to Katakana.

Can I batch the cards in each review so it asks for the answers that need English all together, hiragana all together, katakana all together?

Or is there something else I can do, to eliminate the agony of changing my keyboard sixty times for a thirty card review?


Hey @Todd_A! Welcome!

Are you using custom layouts and cards or are you using a premade community deck (or the default layouts for your own cards)?

In case of the latter you do not need to switch your keyboard, the input will automatically convert it to hiragana (and sometimes katakana, if not you will need to put caps lock on and it will convert to katakana instead, this depends on the layouts/decks being used). This is built into all the popular decks and the default layouts that you can use.

Aside from that, you can actually also reorder reviews by layout. Click on the settings icon at the top-right side to change the way you order reviews :slight_smile:

The knowledge base is actually not shut down:

Although I think it currently does not answer your current question :sweat_smile: We’ll add it to the list for a future article!

Hope that helps, if anything is unclear please let me know!

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Good, that sounds easy! I’m using a custom deck. Where is the settings icon in the upper right? On the review page all I have are a file box icon and a check mark. Under the deck settings, I can’t find a sort by layout option. And in the settings icon over on the left of the homepage, I can’t find anything for ordering layouts either.


If it’s a completely custom deck that’s not using the default kitsun layouts but rather your own (so your own css/html for layouts), you can change the HTML to use {{type-ja:fieldname}} rather than {{type:fieldname}} for when you want auto conversion to hiragana. fieldname should be the name of the field containing your answer values.

During reviews ^

The cogwheel on the left :slight_smile:

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Thank you! What bliss, I’m speeding through my reviews now. The cog has shown up now that the clock has ticked over and I have some real reviews to look at, all I had before were the lesson “reviews”

I have an additional question, but first let me describe what I did to create my deck…sorry, I’m getting used to the terms used here…I imported a wordlist, then I went into ‘manage deck’ - and converted the cards to the “Kitsun - General Languages” what would that be? Layout? Template?

Now my questions…(1) Can I move the “notes” field up higher on the back side of the card? It is preceded now by a blank sentence field (or they can be made blank, I have a few test sentences in a card or two), and is so far down the screen I can’t see the notes without scrolling- which I want to see, because I put my mnemonics there.
(2) Can I play audio of the Japanese terms, either at will or automatically? I’ve seen in a deck setting somewhere that I can hit the key ‘R’ for audio but nothing came up when I tried (…tried just once so far)…is that just because that word isn’t available?
(3) What is 'lightning mode" in the reviews?


Yep! In the “Back” section of each of each layout, just cut the code surrounding the notes and paste it above the sentence code.

If your format is based off the default, this is what you want to move above the sentence code:

As far as I know you just need {{Audio}} somewhere on the card along with the audio styling that comes with the default card. (You need “.audio_wrap” “.audio_wrapper” and “.audio_wrapper::after”)

Of course, it still won’t work if you don’t have audio for the card.

Autoplaying is a deck setting you can adjust like this:

Lightning mode essentially skips the back card if you gave the correct response. The idea is that this will make your reviews faster, make mistakes more noticeable when you’re going fast, and cut out having to press enter twice for each card.


Thank you! I successfully edited the deck layout to move the notes up. I’ll be spending LOTS of time here on Kitsun now…


Thanks @Buscadon!

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