Automatically add Audio from Forvo

Like I said before, I really think this should be available to do on Kitsun for all languages. No other tool would have this. Not memrise, not anki, not freaking Quizsomething. Forvo apparently allows you to download audio and stuff. I’d figure out a way to build an automatic process for your users, contact Forvo if you have too.


Well… automatically adding audio from another website is a bit different from using a script to pull it in once.

I might be able to make a api integration (where the user can put in their api key) which could then add forvo audio import functionality to the ‘upload audio’ button during card creation. However, there are some big big problems with this:

  • What if the user publishes the deck? I’m guessing the api key is being sent with the request for the audio, meaning anyone can see the authors api key.
  • In case we reupload the audio from forvo, to kitsun (which solves above problem). Are you then allowed to share the audio with others when you publish the deck?


I found this:

I think it would suffice if the deck creator credits forvo in the deck description, but I’m not sure about the ‘commercial use’ part, considering Kitsun will be a paid website.


Obs: I was overcomplicating this so much lol.

Ask Forvo. Get in touch with them and see what’s up. I have some ideas on how you can proceed with this feature, depending on their answer (what I was infinitely writing). But right now, it’s just better to ask them. You’re the client after all. Plus, they do have a commercial use option:

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Oh good find! Maybe a small business license could be cool to start with. But yeah, would still need to make something so people can add the audio without too much hassle :slight_smile:

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10,000 requests isnt alot if it doing the request per card view, or what if someone repeats the audio is that 2 requests?

But if your request was to copy the audio to your own server, you could probably make a decent library in short time, but would that be allowed? I think it may be allowed, people download them for anki and that?

Even the non-profit option may be an option for users as long if they post the deck free. It tricky to say would using kitsun be classed as commercial. The way i see it your paying access to a framework and engine but the decks are separate entry and in the future there also plans to be able to sell decks? If you went this route it would need to be verified.

(Sidenote: People on memrise seem to use forvo personal and theres a user script that makes the request and copies it over to there deck using there own API key)

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And that’s why @Neicudi needs to contact them :stuck_out_tongue: There are just so many “what if” here. It’s better to narrow it down with them and then see a counter-proposal.


I will try to get in contact with them. They are the only ones who can accurately judge this situation. But it might take a while since I have other priorities atm (unless you all vote for it once that section is open! :wink: )


Oh no worries. I definitely agree. Get that selecting the layout thing going (+ all the writing out of the way). Think of this Forvo thing as a way to attract both users and creators (when you’re more focused on that).


@neicul Is there any issue if someone downloads the content from forvo themselves and provides it in a free community deck? It’s kind of a grey area since it’s free content on a paid service, but not provided by you the creator.


I’d assume that it’s ok for personal use, but not for sharing. Then I assume that they have no way to control this with anki, which puts Kitsun in advantage imo. If there’s a way to make audio easily accessible to users and creators while staying respectul to the Forvo platform, then the feature can scale without hesitation (and Kitsun gains with it).

It’s one of the scenarios I listed above. Either it uses the authors api key (which you don’t want) or it has to be ‘reuploaded’ (automatically) onto the kitsun servers. Then the question becomes… Is it legal to share your deck…

One could argue that the shared decks are free, but one could also argue that the platform itself is commercial.
It’s already being used in anki/memrise decks so I’m not sure how legally gray it is. I also don’t think I can control people from uploading decks with forvo audio, as I sure ain’t gonna check every deck.

That said, what we are talking about right now is an official implementation into Kitsun. I think that for that one, we do need some approval or a paid API key (so that the users don’t have to get it themselves).


Just wondering if you’ve had any progress on the audio from Forvo? or elsewhere? I’m focusing on pitch accent at the moment and would love to make some cards but was concerned about the audio.


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Sadly no progress there yet. The main reason being that it costs money every month to get a API key for Forvo (for Kitsun as a whole), something I’m a little bit cautious about since I’ve already been paying for Kitsun as whole every month by myself (as expected of course).

I’d love to implement something like this as soon as Kitsun launches and it hopefully provides some funds to invest in this kind of stuff :smiley: So with that in mind, it will still take some time.

I kinda plan on launching within 3 months from now, although I’m not sure yet how feasable that plan is.

As for development time of this feature, it seems quite easy for me to implement so that’d go quickly I think :slight_smile: