Audio issue

While reviewing, I get audio ‘cards’ that simply don’t play, making it impossible for me to answer them properly.
It seems to affect random cards in random moments, sometime they work, sometime they don’t. But they eventually fix themselves later on.
I believe it isn’t related to my devices audio settings.
Is there any way to lesser the chance of it to appear?

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With this you mean that the exact same cards sometimes work and sometimes don’t? Does the audio player icon change to a pause button when you click it?

If not a possible cause could be the card actually lacking an audio file.

There was a bug where sometimes the browser would corrupt the audio file that was being downloaded from the servers, but I haven’t heard any reports about it in quite a while now.

I’m not sure, but this is probably the case


Edit : I checked and it seems that the exact same cards don’t have audio at all. Though when editing them there clearly is an audio link.

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Do you remember which card in which deck? I’d like to check them out

They are cards from the ‘Genki Complete Vocabulary’, as I can remember, the audio that aren’t working are ‘今’, ‘あたらしいともだち’, and ‘英語’.
By the way, I tried to play them on an another device and they seem to work fine. Can’t understand why on my mobile they don’t.

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There has been a few sounds that are not playing on mobile.
When I do the lesson again on my desktop the sounds play fine.

I can give specific examples if necessary, but I am noticing this on the Genki deck.

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@piotruslalka I’ve moved your thread into this one, as I think it’s the same issue as @K79A23 is having.

Could you both let me know what kind of phones you have? (OS/Model)

@K79A23 Thanks for your reply, I’ll take a look soon!

I am using iPhone 8 on chrome.

All on currently updated versions.

I recently had the issue with um (あの).

There was another one I forgot as well.

Same as other user I see the play turn to pause and stays there until I enter something random and see the answer.

I’m using an Apple iPad Air, both Safari and Chrome have the same issue

Thanks both!