Anybody else studying Korean or other language than Japanese?

It seems that the majority here is using kitsun to study Japanese.

So, if you are studying another language, which language is it?

I’m personally studying Korean (and Japanese, also, btw). [I know people say I should focus in only one language per time but I really like both and have fun studying it, so I cannot avoid :sweat_smile:.]

If you are studying only Japanese, do you plan to study another language in the future?


Aside from knowing how to read Hangul and a few bits of vocab, I am clueless :laughing:

After Japanese, I’m gonna tackle French so I can study French Cuisine in a much more detailed way then Spanish because it’s pretty close to my native language already so why not! :smile:

To be honest, I’m gonna stay away from another asian language for a bit after the Kanji-memorizing-fatigue that Japanese brought :eyes:

but I still really love studying Japanese :bowing_woman:


One day I’ll get back to Portuguese!
I’m born French from french mother and portuguese father who has been in France since he was 15 years old, but I never really learned Portuguese even though I was exposed to a lot of music and traditional portuguese folklore groups (in France).
I can understand some short sentences but I can’t speak it at all :sweat_smile: When my Japanese will be more advanced, I will seriously learn Portuguese too, it should be less complicated as there’s no kanjis and since I’ve had some exposure.


I’m currently studying European Portuguese and trying to switch my focus to it from Japanese :smile: I’ve also started learning some English vocab, and then I realised how many of them are from Latin. So of course I am studying Latin now :joy: My brain has reached a new level of “fried” though :laughing:

I don’t plan on SRSing it, for now at least, I do it mostly for the etymology :heart_eyes: I also had to learn all the cases for nouns, so now I feel more prepared to explain them to @jprspereira whenever he gets to them in Russian :eyes: :3

I do agree in a sense, I think you can’t really focus full time on 2 or more. :thinking: I’ve been studying Portuguese for almost 2 years now and I barely have A1-A2 in it, even though I can speak it better than Japanese. I do know that I made a decision to focus on Japanese to be “done” with it and only read/listen in the end, so whatever works for you :smile:


I heard there’s quite a large of community of Portuguese in France. I do speak Portuguese but not the European-version, hehe.

Is there a specific reason you want to study Portuguese? :slightly_smiling_face:


Let me see your native language is… Portuguese? Maybe Italian?


Ooh, head towards east way more! :smile: It’s Filipino!


It’s because it’s my boyfriends’s native language pikalove I haven’t done that much progress with it imo, don’t look at me like that @jprspereira, so I’ll try more this year! /o/


Yeah but I want to study a million :sob: I agree, though I think depending on your situation and other interests you can do more or less at the same time. Though the problem ofc is that the more languages you full-time study, the more stable that full-time studying has to be.

That’s a mood, I wanted to study Portuguese but it just didn’t work out time and interest-wise. :frowning: Too many other hobbies lol

So I’m mainly studying Japanese full time, Spanish more passively since I’m fluent, and I’m planning on starting Standard Chinese during the summer. I wanted to start now but actually starting it is too big a time investment right now for all the homework and projects I have to do.


hard same. :sob:

There’s just…never enough time :sob:


Call me crazy but I’m here studying German.

I just came out of a meeting with some customers in Austria. The meeting was 100% in German and oh mein Gott, luckily it was my boss who was taking care of the presentation and then the questions, because I was super lost at some point.

Learning a new language is hard af. Still got a long way before reaching proper professional proficiency.

Anyhow, happy reviewing session!


That’s amazing!! Psshh, you’re not crazy at all!

German’s one of the languages I want to learn but can’t justify spending time on it when my reason will be “I just wanna”. But I’ve heard tiny bits here and there and it seems like it’s going to be a lot of fun to see how German connects with English.

Though oh goodness, those pronunciations and the accent…yeah there’s the hard part :joy: but it’s gonna be so cool when you finally ace it.

I’m a fan of this German youtuber and she recently did a small German 101 video to teach people how to pronounce “Ich liebe dich” and I…already struggled :laughing:

So really, all in all, you’re not crazy for studying German, you are 100% awesome :smile:


Oh, Filipino! It’s just my opinion (that can be wrong) I don’t feel like Filipino is similar to Portuguese or Spanish. There’s one word or other I can understand when my Filipino coworkers talk among themselves but in general I’m clueless (and okay, i should stop trying to listen others conversations :sweat_smile:)

That sounds a very nice reason. :blush:

I don’t think it’s crazy.
I stopped caring about what others people think (in the negative way) about the languages I have interest when I noticed people study ‘dead’ languages for fun or due to religious motives.

Because I have interest in Asia languages, my family is kinda ‘disappointed’ that I’m not learning Chinese, which they see as valuable. I tried to force myself, but I really don’t have personal interest.


Hahaha really? That’s interesting! Everyone I’ve met so far who speaks Portuguese or Spanish agrees that they’re quite similar. Especially since the Philippines were heavily influenced by Spain after being colonized by them for a very long time.
For me, I’ve seen plenty of similarities and a lot of Filipino vocabulary has Spanish origins so that’s really funny… :thinking:
Maybe it’s the difference in accent at times? I have no clue :sweat_smile:


I do think that listening can be confusing, but once I see a text, there’s a lot of words from Spanish/English that I immediately recognize. I mean, it also depends whether we’re talking about people using pure Tagalog vs Taglish, I guess? :thinking:


Yep I agree! Listening to you speak Portuguese, I’m like this:

But when seeing text, I can make out a few words :tada:

There’s also the fact that we have ‘purely Tagalog’ and ‘Spanish-derived Tagalog’ :smile: We often have more than one word for something. Like “asul” and “bughaw” which means blue (you might already know that one, JP :wink:), we understand both and were raised with both but bughaw is the ‘purely Tagalog’ word.


oh my goodness does that mean we constantly switch between 3 languages all this time and not just 2 after all? :rofl:


Answering OP, I’m learning Japanese and Russian, the latter due to my partner being Russian :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not sure about learning more languages in the future, to be honest. My native language is Portuguese, so I already have English as a 2nd language. Spanish would be cool because it’s very easy for Portuguese speakers, Korean sounds very nice too because It feels to me that they’re always complaining when I hear Korean :rofl: so funny. But then again, Chinese is such a big language that not learning it is… :grimacing:

Anddd I don’t think my brain can handle 7 languages (it’s having its struggles with 4)… so yeah I’ll have to ponder in the future. For now, the focus is to bring both Japanese and Russian to fluency.




One thing at a time /o/ I don’t plan on learning more anything right now, but I think I will be (am) bored without studying grammar and new words :heart_eyes:

oh oh speaking about blue, do you have two words for it? In Russian there is голубой and синий, the first one is light blue, used often for the sky (like omg how can you not have a specific word for a thing that’s always above :joy:) and the second one is just normal blue /o/


we don’t… :sob: we have two words that mean the same exact blue :joy:


You can watch this video when not sure what to prioritize. I don’t know how I did it but managed to get every Russian word correct.

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@talento I am in the same boat here!!

I am also using Kitsun to improve my German! Even though I am on WaniKani to practice Japanese, German is the only language I am learning seriously right now! Japanese, or rather, Kanji learning is just a hobby!

I have learned a few languages before, including English (my mother language is Portuguese), Italian and Korean. But German is definitely another level :cry: what a difficult language! This is the third time I am trying to learn it, and this time it has to work since I am living in Germany right now and need it! Kitsun is helping me a lot in the process :heart::heart:

I feel like we need a thread just to complain about the german language or to at least have an emotional support group! hahahaha