"Your trial has expired and no active subscription was found"

Your trial has expired and no active subscription was found. Please [upgrade]

When pressing upgrade It already says I have an active monthly subscription, and therefore I can not confirm/upgrade my payment method. I noticed that my card details had been removed somehow but the problem persits even after I’ve entered them once more.

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Just in case anyone else sees this, from our email communication it became clear that the issue resolved itself :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Just want to add that I am also having this issue if anyone can help. Logged in after a few months off, I’m paid up until next year August but it says I have no subscription.

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I’ll take a look right away.

It seems that a first try to charge the second year went wrong and cancelled your (at that time active) subscription due to not being able to charge the money for it. Sorry about that! Should be all good now :slight_smile:

To make up for it, I’ve increased the subscription time left for you up to 1 January 2024 :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Couldn’t have asked for better help, thanks so much Neicudi. Hope you have a stellar day :slight_smile:

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Hey Neicudi,
I’d been trying to study for the past couple of weeks on the app and was getting errors in loading lessons and reviews, thinking that maybe the app had a bug I gave up after a few tries. Looking back on this thread, you had extended my subscription to 1 January 2024, but I am again getting the same error as I was previously in this thread. Could you help me out again, please?

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I believe it should be good to go again! Stripe reset the expiration date, as it was set to Aug 10 (one day after the Yearly sub ended there) again. When January comes, please contact me here or at support@kitsun.io (or on Discord) so that I can set your account straight again, as extending the subscription was a bit of a manual process and doesn’t reset your subscription type automatically :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thank you for your reply!
I’m still getting the “trial has expired and no subscription, please upgrade banner” at this time, might it take a while or is another fix needed perhaps?

I’ll keep January in mind as well!

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Oh! I’m terribly sorry about that. Should definitely be good to go now :laughing:

All good now, thank you once again for your help!

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