Wrong link when generating audio for a custom card with the dictionary feature


I just noticed that the link for the audio is not working, when audio is generated for a custom card.

So what I do is the following:
Card generation > Dictionary > Generate flashcard > Custom flashcard

Then on the “Values” page, I am able to click a button next to my fields that let’s me generate audio.
The audio is generated without problems, but when I click on Save the generated link will always be
“[sound:[object MouseEvent]]” but should be something like “[sound:https://data.kitsun.io/kitsun-audio/japanese/人-D.mp3]” I guess.

So what I do now is copy that link manually from other vocabs and exchange the vocab part of the link.
But of course, things would be a lot easier, if the link is generated correctly.

Thanks in advance and have a nice day!


I noticed the same issue. Temporarily, I think it would be easier to create a default card w/ audio and update the template to your custom template for a whole list of cards at once rather than copy-paste each entry, the audio should stay. Though you have to be careful match it correctly on the template swap.



That definitely should not be happening. I’m taking a look as soon as possible!

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Just noticed it’s fixed already, thank you!

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