Word list upload issues

For some reason, csv or tsv files are not separating tabs in word list uploads. I checked older files that uploaded successfully and I don’t have that issue so I’m sure if Google Sheets made a recent change or not but they all appear tabulated when opened in Numbers (but not recognized in Kitsun). Anyone else familiar with this?

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Hmm that’s odd. To me it looks like it’s trying to split on a character either in front or in the back of the columns (like a tab or a ;?).

I haven’t changed anything to the import functionality lately. If you don’t mind sharing the file I can take a quick look to see what might be causing it :smiley:

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@s1212z and for anyone else having the same issue atm:

After some additional checking it seems that one of the libraries Kitsun uses to parse tsv/csv files is at a later version on my new dev environment. Downgrading the library to what Kitsun used before seems to have fixed the issue.

Expect a new update asap (probably tomorrow), just have to tie up some other loose ends first :slight_smile: