Why is selfstudy available for only 1 time


post must be at least 20 characters but do you want to read me karening on how i failed to drill german verbs because of an accidental refresh on a site i paid for

You can go to the “manage table” option in your deck, select the items you wish to self-study, go to “actions” and then select quick study :slight_smile: Hope that fixes your problem.


Thanks, I avoided going to managing cards list at all, because a deck with 3000+ items was somewhat laggy on my laptop. (Now is not, idk why) So I kinda missed that option. I thought it was unavailable because I’ve tried to access a selfstudy session by visiting the same URL which didn’t work (duh) Also the button is only prompted for one time, along with the list of items learned during a session. (fix pls?)
Now back to studying :+1:

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