Why do you like Kitsun? 🦊

Kitsun presents itself as a high-quality and user-friendly tool for people to learn any subject, while being more focused on language learning and Japanese.

However, there’s always something that makes us give it a try and subscribe. To me, what made me take the jump and use Kitsun over other similar tools was the fact that it looks more intuitive and that it’s a platform that’s constantly improving. I feel like everything else got stuck in time, as if they have reached their maximum potential.

What about you guys? What made you take the jump? :running_man::running_woman:


I was trying Anki on-and-off from time to time, but never got very far. There is some value to having a polished and fast interface and stuff like the feedback mechanism for the decks. I also like the constant improvement (although doing it alone seems like an inhuman effort :wink:).

I wish I had more time to do something like a Keisei deck …


The 10K vocab deck!

I had looked at Kitsun before, and even tried to make cards and decks myself, but I need something simple and ready to use… and the 10K deck is perfect! Perhaps one day, if I ever finish the 10K deck, or if I ever feel a pressing need to, I’ll look into making my own cards/decks, but right now - I couldn’t be happier!