What do you/will you use Kitsun for?

Since a lot of people here are from the Wanikani forums, it’s pretty obvious that a lot of us are studying Japanese. However, I was wondering what everyone was planning on using Kitsun for. I kind of want to start studying French after I get proficient enough in Japanese, or I’ve thought about using it to study the geography of Japan, more specifically the prefectures. So I guess my question is what will you use Kitsun for?


I’ve been thinking of putting something together for my guitar practice. Still mulling over how I would go about it.


Maybe you could make flashcards with pictures of the finger placements and guess the chord names or vice versa?

I know people who have used Anki for medical school and I don’t see why Kitsun wouldn’t be superior just like language learning. In fact, any specialty requiring certification could have potential application. I think a narrow range of potentially high quality decks that make use of all deck tools (versus the sea of unknown quality in Anki) could be the real difference that entices subscribers. It sort of circles back to the question of paid-decks mentioned in the other thread. College students are essentially debt-slaves (at least in the US) so any financial incentive to 1) design high quality study materials that they would use themselves 2) bring in friends/peers as subscribers, could prove popular.


I mean, it would make sense. If big universities started using things like Anki or Kitsun I could see it being a huge help to not only language learning classes, but to a wide variety of other classes too. It could be interesting to see what math professors could do. Maybe they could create practice decks with a problem on the front and the answers on the back so students have a better way to study. I don’t know. Just throwing ideas out there. But I like the idea of high learning centers using the srs platforms to help teach more efficiently.