What are your personal decks like?

So I don’t know about you guys but I’m the type who needs to use their own decks to really be able to study effectively (but the community decks are super awesome don’t hit me plsplspls i’m just really weird) and I also need them to be something silly because it makes me feel more motivated to actually do the reviews and they’re not just “work”, you know?

And so,

my personal decks all have themes of yuri + a silly title :eyes:


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I really should’ve made the Citrus one “Vitamin C-Packed Vocab” but the damage is done

So what’s everyone else’s personal decks like? :grin:

I totally made this thread because I’m done being shy over my silly decks, they make me happy dammit! :fist::sob:


I only have one personal deck and it’s not my favourite. Its name is Mining Deck. And its cover is about Mining (I got it from Googling). My favourite decks are community decks, especially the ones made by Hine sama.

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I’ve yet to use the pre-made decks here, they look great though.

  1. I have a broken geography anki deck a friend gave me. Couldn’t get it to work in Kitsun properly. It had the prefectures, flags and what not.

  2. I needed a comprehension BP grammar deck with particular example sentences. Input SRS is great but I was messing up on comprehension so this has helped alot to improve both sides.

  3. Just random vocab in the wild deck to collect for future study. I will scoop up random words with the chrome extension; either words I never saw before or words I ‘should’ know.

  4. Lastly I’m building a vocab deck from the N3単語 book. There is an anki deck floating around but I wanted to build it my own way here. I like the lists in this book plus I can add their example sentences with audio examples! Probably will only build it and get through the lessons before the actually exam but the words in here are just too practical to ignore so I will complete it through no matter what.

I also have N5,N4,N3 単語 books.

I’ve been learning N5 単語 up to page 48. I love it! I decided to learn this book because long ago I often felt 日本語総まとめ N5 was too easy for me but in reality I didn’t always get 100% correct when I did the exercises. Sure I almost know all Kanji covered in this book, but I don’t always know immediately all vocabularies in these two books. I just check whatever Kanji and vocabularies I know and write Fox next to vocabularies I want to add to my kitsun personal deck later.

I’m looking forward for this deck creation for all l単語 book series N5, N4, N3, N2, and N1. So that I won’t have to manually add them one by one to my personal deck later when I learn all these books.

My progress, so far, on this book, has been checking things. I haven’t exported them one by one manually to my personal kitsun deck. Your idea about exporting audio and example sentence is excellent! It would be amazing to be able to search for a vocabulary in this book on Kitsun!

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I’m essentially running the word through Kitsun’s Jisho to create the card and then adding the sentences after I entered in a section. I’m keeping the chapter decks separated…I assume we have/or will have the power to combine decks if we want (?). 単語 sometimes doesn’t use kanji for words, I’ve been trying to use my best judgement if they are common enough to add or not.

Anyways, I’m happy to share the deck once I finish it with anyone who owns the book. Not sure what the ethics of deck sharing is here but I have no intention on undermining publishers (even though there seems to be plenty of blackmarket books/anki decks available everywhere).


I’d actually recommend using 1 deck with the chapters as tags. That way it is a bit easier to keep track of reviews/lessons and generally easier to manage I think.

The incoming redesign has a focus easier management so bigger decks would be no problem either :slight_smile:

As for sharing the decks, I think it’s fine since its not a 1 on 1 copy of the book.


I was using the tags to correspond the number of the vocab in the book (in case I made an error on the either the example sentence or audio and I can look up easily). Plus the audio addition is sort of a two step process since I add it after the jisho flashcard generator through the deck lists so the tag helps keep it organized (at least for me). I suppose tags can be changed but if the redesign allows deck combining, that will be a great feature! :slightly_smiling_face:

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That isn’t the case :stuck_out_tongue: I can add it to the requested features list though :slight_smile:

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