Website Tutorial

For the most part, this website is pretty straight foward. Make your own decks using the dictionary, get decks in the community center, the regular stuff. But there are also a lot of other features that aren’t immediately obvious. I think a good idea would be to take some time to update the knowledge base and/or have more tips appear when you open certain parts of the website for the first time. It would definitely help to make those features more accessible to new users! :smile:


This has been talked about on the WK boards in the last few weeks…I think something is in the works. Neicul was looking for feedback on everyone’s onboarding experience and how to help new users. I agree, Kitsun was very easy to get started but it’s feature rich; no doubt new users will overlook them if they don’t know.


Yes! I’ve been asking around about what to improve regarding the onboarding/initial experience and which topics might be good to cover with interactive tutorials and such.

I have a few plans for this, but Kitsun is currently at a point that it’s getting harder and harder for me to focus on a single feature, so the ETA is unknown for now.

I’ve actually resumed work on the mobile apps lately, switching from React Native to Flutter, which required learning a new language (dart) so that’s taking up quite some time as well.

But it’s definitely on my priority list! :smiley:

Additional note

I’ve also been struggling with some (mostly physical) health issues lately, I’m hoping it will be back to normal soon. Just in case you were wondering why it’s been a bit silent lately in terms of updates


Well, glad to see that a lot of work has been done! Take your time, though ofc the sooner the better. I think in particular certain features that should be emphasized more are like accessing community decks and creating your own, the fact that you can type in Katakana by using upper case letters, the difference between layouts and templates, the lightning review button, etc.

Hope that those health issues get dealt with! They’re always pretty scary or annoying. Again take it slow, the website is already great as is!


Take care :muscle: We’re still here as users boosting Kitsun :fox_face: in its full force!

@Buscadon As far as I know, a sort of guided tutorial has been in the plans for ages… the problem was that Kitsun is always changing and getting new updates, so it was counterproductive to release a guided tutorial and then having to change every few weeks.

I do agree that it will be a lovely addition. People will understand the system much better and become part of the community :slight_smile: Cannot wait for it.