View notes during reviews / quick study?

Hi! Sorry for my frequent questions :slight_smile:

I’m finding kitsun very useful but after giving it a trial I have found a couple of things that would be useful…

Is it possible to give the option to see our own notes during reviews? (Maybe the option already exists but I can’t find it?). Perhaps you can give the option to show our own notes if we fail to recall a word? Sometime I fail a word, and it would be useful to read my notes right away to help reinforce my memory.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Edit: it looks like there is a difference when doing reviews vs quick study

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Judging by the edit I think you found it already? :smiley:

But in general:

Notes can be entered and found through the pencil button on the backside of a card. Depending on the layout used, they can also be shown on the cards themselves during reviews and lessons. (The default Kitsun layouts have the user notes on the cards themselves at the backside)

Quick study has some limitations as it’s meant to be a “extra” feature so to say.