Video Clip Included in Subs2Kitsun and not only jpeg

New user here using the trial so correct me if this already works but from what I can tell when I save a subtitle for a flashcard in Subs2Kitsun only a single jpeg of that clip it saved too (and of course the audio). Saving the video clip would be waaaay better. I understand storage space becomes an issue for the developer but I’m sure some video downgrading could make it still work or even a gif as someone suggested to me before to save space on my own flashcards.



That’d definitely be cool!

Subs2Kitsun works almost entirely on the clientside and basically takes a screenshot to achieve the current result. Capturing a video would be pretty difficult to do (well) on the clientside as it would require capturing the video, encoding it, saving it to a specific format and then uploading it. I’m afraid that this process might also take a long time depending on the device that you are using.

Gifs might be a cool solution to that problem though! I’ll put it on my todo list and give it a shot once I start working on the other Subs2Kitsun improvements I have planned :smiley:

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Have you spared any thought lately for the gifs idea?

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To be honest, I think it got lost in between the large amount of tasks in my backlog list and I must’ve looked past it with the latest Subs2Kitsun changes. I’ll up the priority a bit so it won’t accidentally overlook it next time.

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