Unreadable text during reviews

I can’t possibly answer this x)

This is FF on Linux but I have the same issue with Android app. It worked a couple hours ago and I didn’t change or update anything.

Japanese characters are properly displayed:


Haha oh no!

I’m looking into it right now, expect a fix asap. I changed the icon-set (so changed a font-family) but it seems like hinekidori’s decks/layouts have custom font-family rules that override the usual font.

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Could you try to refresh the page and check it again? It should be good now (added the default font-families to their custom font-override).

It’s odd that I can’t seem to replicate the issue using any browser, but I have a feeling it’s because your Linux install is missing the fonts hinekidori specified in his override, so it defaults to the last one that is available (the icon font :laughing: ) as that one is included on the website itself.

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It’s all good now, thank you :slight_smile:

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Great! Sorry about the inconvenience!

No problem, it was funny to suddenly see these symbols and try to make sense of them :stuck_out_tongue:

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