Unable to enter answers in reviews

I am trying to do reviews, but unable to type in any answers. I tried on a second computer, and it is the same.
I thought I could use the ‘without input’ method of showing the answer and marking it correct or incorrect. That didn’t appear to do anything either.

I’m using the Genki Complete Vocabulary deck.

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Could you check whether you have the ‘always show flip buttons’ deck setting turned on? The latest update had a change that disables input when this setting is on.

Meanwhile I will doublecheck it myself. Sorry for the inconvenience and please let me know :sweat_smile:

Edit: I double checked your account and that particular setting was turned on for the Genki deck. I have turned it off for you, could you confirm whether the input works again for you?

Edit 2:
Perhaps it would be better to keep the input enabled, but just prevent the auto focus when the flip buttons are enabled? Do you usually still use the input even when you have the flip buttons enabled?

Thanks. That has fixed the problem.

I must have turned the flip buttons on when I was first playing around with the settings. I wasn’t aware, yesterday, that they could be turned on and off. I always use the site on a desktop or laptop computer. I was using the flip buttons from time to time doing reviews when I had a complete mental blank on the Japanese or English answer needed.

Thanks again for your help!

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