Ultimate way of learning Kanji [According to me, no one]

Okay, so I’ve been experimenting a lot this 3-4 months I’ve been learning Japanese.
And I think I’m pretty confident with the amount of Kanji I’ve learnt, and I wanted to share the current method I use.

Kanji Garden gives you kanji destructurization, and I learnt my first 200 kanjis with it; Makes learning Kanjis pretty easy.

Then, I created my own deck for Kitsun, that has the Joyo kanji in order; And I started doing 20-40 of them until I got to 20% of it, checking in Kanji Garden what the destructuralization of a Kanji is.


After getting to 20% of the Joyo Kanji, I then, began doing the 10K core cards; Adding all the Kanjis I’ve not seen before to the front of the learning QUEUE in the Joyo Kanji deck.

And, hear this, using the Kanji Garden components and adding them to the front of the queue too.
Makes them easier to remember, and easier to learn more in the future.

This was my ULTIMATE TECHNIQUE (Patent pending) way of learning Kanji; How is everyone else doing it right now?


I wrote it like ULTIMATE TECHNIQUE (Patent pending) to be funny, not to be obnoxious :v.

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