Type full-width curly brackets when typing in Japanese?

I don’t want to switch from Japanese to English to use regular square brackets (to type furigana when creating new cards), I’d much prefer to use the full-width curly brackets directly when typing in Japanese.

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Hi! Welcome to Kitsun and the forums!

Full-width curly brackets like { } should be working already for furigana :smiley:

Please let me know if you need further help or have any questions. Happy to help! :smile:

Hello, there! My question was more about how to produce these full-width curly brackets when typing in Japanese. Now I’m just copy-pasting them but it would be useful to have a more convenient shortcut.

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That depends on your IME/keyboard I suppose. For me I can type them using the regular {} keys while the Japanese IME is enabled.

On my keyboard I can only get: 「」『』[]<>()【】.

Everything but the curly brackets!

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I do have to hold shift while pressing the corresponding button though, otherwise i end up with the square ones. Guessing that’s not the issue here though :sweat_smile:

What operating system do you use and what IME precisely (if linux)?