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I’ve used Anki a lot when I was still in university, but never customized my decks. Now I’m trying to make my own deck with Kitsun because I like the layout, but I’m having problems with some very basic concepts. What does the index mean? They’re all -1 in the deck I am creating. How do I add audio? I tried to add audio via Forvo but I didn’t figure out how to do it.

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Index is a way to order the cards in your lessons. Imagine you want some cards to appear first over others in the lessons. A card with index 1 will show up before a card with index 2.

When you’re not attributing indexes to cards, they show up with “-1” by default :slight_smile:

If you go to your deck settings, you can see that you can order lessons by index, chronologically, reversed chronologically and randomly.

I can’t help with this as I’m not familiar with it, sorry :confused:


Thank you @jprspereira! :smiley:



When you say you tried adding audio via Forvo, how did you try to do add it?

Kitsun currently supports uploading audio files from your computer or a through direct link.

When you create a new card you can click on the audio button next to the input in order to upload your file.

In the case of a direct link (url to an audio file somewhere online) it’s a bit different, let me know if that’s the case :slight_smile:

On a general note:

I’m currently implementing an text to speech audio generation feature (that uses machine learning to be accurate) for cards, plan on releasing it within the next few days :smiley:


I tried copying a direct link from Forvo but that didn’t work and apparently you can copy something like this from Forvo but that doesn’t do anything.

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If it’s a direct link to a mp3 file you’d have to wrap it in [sound:<URL HERE> ]

So for example if your link is:

then you want to fill in:

while creating your card. This syntax automatically changes it into a audio player during reviews/lessons :slight_smile:

Normally when you upload a file, it automatically puts in this syntax for you.

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