The very first introduction!


I figured I should start by introducing myself first. I’m Neicudi, 27 years old soon to be 28 :scream_cat:, and from The Netherlands. I have a passion for videogames, programming, books, manga and Japanese culture and language.

Coincidentally I am the creator of Kitsun, which I started building just before hitting level 60 at WaniKani. Unpleased with the learning tools available, I decided to build my own tool which would combine the nice features of other tools, expand upon them where needed and introduces some cool new features along the way.

I personally use Kitsun mostly to study Japanese, quickly adding words I encounter (through the dictionary feature) while consuming native material. I do have plans on eventually studying other languages as well, such as Thai and Korean, but for now I have my hands full with Japanese already :sweat_smile:

Aside from the above, my plan is to use the Conjugations Deck that was made by @hinekidori to further reinforce that aspect of Japanese.

I sincerely hope that everyone will enjoy using Kitsun and I look forward to seeing what everyone creates and possibly shares with others! Feel free to ask me about anything :smiley:


Hello. :eyes:

hinekidori desu

I do stuff and things.



God The fire fox bless you :pray:

Tbh, I don’t know where I’d be my Japanese would be without Kitsun :rofl: I just couldn’t get into other SRS platoforms…

What made you interested in coding in the first place? :open_mouth:


When I was around 12 years old I was playing around with html/css when trying to design my own websites, but didn’t really do much with it until I started uni. At uni I had to recreate certain games in ActionScript (Flash). At first I really didn’t like it until I got to the moment where it just clicked and then loved it ever since :stuck_out_tongue:

I think most people don’t like coding at the start until they get to the moment where it just clicks somehow and you will start to feel awesome whenever you solve a problem you’d been stuck on for ages ^^


I think everyone should try to get a hang of basic javascript. It shouldn’t take that long and you can do such cool stuff with it. For example being able to extract wordlists from a website, being able to search up definitions automatically for all words etc. Everything becomes so much easier to do :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello Neicudi-San !

I’m Mikuro Asamia, 32 Yo, from France.

I’m currently learning JS and though I love it, I suck at it ! xD

I’m also trying to pass JLPT N2 and to learn japanese. My first True Nemesis !!!

Your Flash Card system is awesome !

I Love it. Thanks for the hard work.



I actually just mentioned to @jprspereira yesterday, that I’ve been thinking about creating a Beginner JavaScript deck and sharing it on the Community Centre once it’s done, so that’s a pretty funny coincidence ^^

Thanks for the compliments!


Sounds cool !

I’ll probably do one for myself sooner or later.

I don’t know yet about doing anything for the community right now. But I am planning to make some free decks (and paid decks too, if that ever comes to fruition) after I’ve reached all my personal goals.

I’m the struggling type when it comes to learning…so I always take time to experiment along the way.

So if I can put some useful tips on a deck, and give back to the community, that would be great, even if there is only one single person that gets to enjoy it haha!

I’ll be sure to check the JS deck when it’s available. It might inspire me to do something similar. Thanks !


Hi! I’m Alex from Romania, I’m 31 years old and have been studying Japanese for some 5 years. I’ve seen one too many of @jprspereira’s sponsored posts on WaniKani and decided to give this thing a try :slight_smile:. Still don’t know my way around the site very much but I’m excited to level-up my learning experience!


Heeeey you’re here :heart_eyes:

I tend to be biased for the good stuff. You can trust me, definitely. :eyes:

Join the Kitsun discord if you’re not there yet :v:

And feel free to ask/suggest things around :slight_smile:


Hello everyone, I’m Jason! I’m originally from the US but I have been living in Sweden for 6 years. I recently have started a job at a major Japanese company’s office here in Sweden, so I’m learning Japanese to further my career.

I’ve been studying for about a month and I’ve tried virtually all the popular tools out there. Right now I’m really content with WaniKani, KaniWani, Bunpro, Kitsun, and Genki. I’m doing as much as I can while working full time and also having small children :sweat_smile: