Suddenly Level 50

After the change in the leveling system, it changed from a level up in a month to no level ups at all (level 50).

I like the leveling system, how about more levels, or resetting the levels (maybe exchanging the levels for a star or something and then level with double the experience required per level), …


Mhm, there should be a few more level 50s now. I’ll think about adding more levels as leveling is enjoyable as you said. I don’t want to add infinite levels or something though…


You could make the levels gradually harder after 50 so that you can only reach level 99 asymptotically.

Wouldn’t you get the same problem as you had before? Levels taking a month and such :sweat_smile:

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I would have the problem eventually, but a bit leveling is better than being maxed out. If you want to fixed number of levels will always lead to “the end of leveling”.

The levels have less external meaning than the WK levels (progress of specific items), I wouldn’t have a problem with resetting to level 1, compared to being max level.

I really like this suggestion. Instead of thinking of levels in just 1 dimension (1 to 50), there would be several different dimensions, each with levels 1 to 50. So instead of having the mentality of “from level 1 to 100” (and levels losing their gamifying effect behind it), one would still think of “from level 1 to 50 to conquer this floor” (yes, like a game with dungeons :rofl:). Being in the 2nd floor and level 1 would still give an idea of superiority over being level 50 in the 1st floor.

I think it could work.

Right now, I’m in the same level as some people with almost 3 times less master cards. Not that it bothers me personally, but I don’t think it makes sense to be like that. On the other hand, you shouldn’t need to go through hell in order to level up. I think the above proposal could solve it.


That is the way they added “infinite leveling” to Skyrim, once a skill hits max you can make it “legendary” and start over again. Because Kitsun is also pretty open-ended, the levels should stay meaningful forever :slight_smile:


I really like the legendary/tiered leveling system too! I want to add my vote to the pile for something like that.

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Im pretty sure you’d be level 50 again already if such a system is introduced :laughing:


But that way people would know how much further away I actually am from them :stuck_out_tongue:


If this is still being considered, my vote would be to just let the levels go too 999 and then the odometer flips to a star. The ceiling at 50 is just too short given the content potential is essentially limitless. Not necessarily to gamify but it’s just a fun way to track personal progress. But at 999 and beyond, you might have an addiction at that point but you can go visit the fox village in Miyagi as the final pilgrimage :fox_face:

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Content is limitless, but that doesn’t mean that everyone will study everything in here. I don’t think people would care so much if reaching the maximum level was out of their possibilities (just think of how many people care about level 60 on WK). I also think that reaching level 50 twenty times brings more pleasure throughout the levels over one go up to 999.