Subs2kitsun video not working sometimes

Hi, I’m trying out the subs2kitsun functionality and I noticed some video files display nothing. Just a black empty picture. What might be causing this?
I didn’t think there was any pattern to file format.

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Hey @Dazza!

I think you might be facing a encoding issue with your current browser. Subs2Kitsun is bound to what your browser can play, sadly there is no workaround for this right now other than using a browser that supports your videofile/codec (although I do have plans to release Subs2Kitsun as a standalone program at some point).

Here’s a list of what each popular browser supports:

Do note that if you wish to use HEVC/H.265 with Edge, you might need to install an extension released by microsoft itself:

Another option is to batch convert your videofiles with to a fileformat that is accepted by the browser.

Hope this helps a bit! If not, feel free to PM me with more details regarding your files and I’ll give it a look :slight_smile: