Study streak

So I just finished my reviews and it marked monday as a day I studied for the sake of study streak. I’m not super into study streaks, but I thought I should say something as its definitely still Sunday Is there a place that I’m supposed to set my time zone for that feature to read the days right?

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I think setting the time zone is still in the works, so at the moment Kitsun uses a fixed time zone (somewhere in Europe?).

However, I would like a way to turn it off (% correct as well), it makes me nervous despite not being interested in it :slight_smile:

It’s not really a relevant metric for the learning progress, the idea of SRS is to get it wrong as often as necessary in the beginning?

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Just to clarify that the number shows the amount of days you’ve studied, not the study streak. It says study streak but incorrectly.

It has been proposed on Kitsun’s discord to change the term to “Days Studied” instead and to avoid giving a stat related to study streak :slight_smile:


Coolz. That was going to be my second question (that it was counting total days). Thanks!

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For the percentage I understand what you are getting at, but regarding daily streaks I personally think it is very good at motivating users to build up a habit of reviewing daily. I know it can also work detrimental which is why the days count is not actually the streak number but rather the total days so far :slight_smile:

You are correct about the timezone setting still having to be implemented. Once that’s in all users will also get their daily lesson unlocks at 00:00 local time rather than server time :smile:

Cool cool! No worries. It really doesn’t affect my studying at all. I just noticed that the timing was a little odd. :slight_smile:

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I was totally misreading that calendar part, I was rather wondering how I achieved such a long streak :slight_smile:

But I just saw a discussion in the bunpro forum how people were sad that they messed up their streaks, in the beginning it’s motivating but then you have a pressure to show up at any day, even if you have more important things to do.

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Mhm I think it is tricky to implement in a way that it does not pressure users in the long run. But I think the pros might outweight the cons for this one.

Perhaps just making it less obvious (e.g. putting a streak count/year heatmap on a separate statistics page) would be a good way to go about it. That way you don’t see it unless you want to.

Or as you mentioned above, offer a way to opt out of the streak/percentage stuff :slight_smile:

It’s not really a big deal, but once it’s there I start to think about it even when it doesn’t really mean anything.

But there may be ways to integrate it, maybe messing around with the XP might work, like you get a small bonus multiplier for a streak, and if you miss it there is still a chance to recover quickly in a week or two.

I like the levels and XP, but currently the levels are very big, like 5000 reviews at my level. With WK I would level up every week instead every month … On the other hand you could “punish” the ignore button a bit … :slight_smile:


This is interesting to think about, because I used to do duolingo religiously (until I realized that I wasn’t any better than I when I had started…) but I would have panic attacks in the middle of the night if I had done enough lessons or reviews. It got bad. But bunpro’s hasn’t done that to me because its really not out there that much. Kitsun’s isn’t as much either, but maybe duolingo’s hit me in the soul because that dang bird would show up in my notifications on the daily…

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