Stuck in dark theme blue

I can’t change my theme and I think there is a UI bug with my lessons. I have no lessons, but it displays “1 lesson”

Just to confirm: after changing the theme, you’re clicking on Save, right?

The UI might mislead people into thinking selecting the new theme is enough (and end up not saving), that’s why I’m just confirming :slight_smile:

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I’ve clicked save, but I’m still stuck :sweat:

I think it changes the theme on other devices, but it’s stuck on my mac(using chrome).

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Does it give you any error or notification once you hit save?

Maybe you could try to use another browser like Safari, to check if that happens with it too?

Tried it with safari, and it works there. Something seems to be broken with it on chrome.

Edit: Huge bruh moment: Turns out I installed a dark theme extension a long time ago that I forgot about :man_facepalming:


Hahah, I’m glad it wasn’t a problem with the website though! Was racking my brain thinking of what might be causing it already :joy:

Regarding the lesson count, do you perhaps have a deck that you did not start lessons on yet?

I fixed it by adding a new card to a deck. Suddenly that stuck lesson became the new card I added. :+1: