Story Behind Your Username

So there’s a similar thread on WK and I find it quite enjoyable to read, so what’s the story behind your username?

Mine was from the Rinkworks random name generator for my League of Legends account years ago, and I just started using it for more and more things until it became my default.


When I first starting learning Japanese, I began learning how to write all of the Kanji from Genki 1 and eventually moved into more and more difficult Kanji. I don’t really practice writing anymore, but one that I will never forget is 龍. Out of all of the Kanji that I ended up learning, this one was always the most satisfying to write and stylize. The reading for the Kanji (りゅう) ended up becoming my username. :dragon:


I wanted something easy that I would use everywhere, so it’s just my first name and the initials of my family name. Super boring, but also super convenient because it’s the same on every website. :woman_shrugging:


Mine was a self reminder to pay the bill if I want to continue using :fox_face: and a pray to have much :money_with_wings:


Jprspereira comes from my irl name, João Pedro Rodrigues Sá Pereira. Yes, we Portuguese have longgg names :b

I’ve been using it since my childhood, probably when I lacked ideas. It’s also a very unique username, so I can afford to have a single username for every platform I’m in :slight_smile:


Mine is super cheesy. I had a boyfriend who used to call me tomoyo because my email was snap chat name was tomonari kasumi (from .hack) Before I told him my actual name and were just talking he abbreviated it to tomoyo (to this day I have no clue where the yo comes from). Then I slapped tk to the end of it because that was the og name and it reminds me of digimon which I watched a lot as a kid.


Hi guys,
I use this name for a long time now.
It is composed of two characters from two different video games of my childhood: Zack (Final Fantasy VII) and Alucard (Castlevania, Symphony of the Night).
Never change it since ^^

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