Starting Over

Hey there Kitsun community. After dealing with a lot in my life and needing to take a 6-month break, I’m ready to get back to my studies again. I’d like to reset my account, akin to how WaniKani lets you do a reset. Is that possible? I’d pretty much just like to nuke my Kitsun progress completely and start over if that’s possible. Appreciate any help. Thanks!


You can use the Card Management page for this I believe.

Just select all the cards and demote them to the SRS level desired.

Thanks. I guess I’ll go into each deck individually and demote the SRS levels if that’s the best way to do this. Not that it matters as much, but will my Kitsun level and other things reset too? Assuming not, but thought I’d ask.

I don’t think it affects that, no.

Reaching out to @Neicudi would probably be the best option for a complete reset of that type.

Thanks… I just reset the SRS level to 0 on all of my decks, then deactivated and then reactivated (just a few of) them to get me started again.

@Neicudi, if it’s possible…could you possibly reset my Kitsun level to 0/1 ? I’m looking for the closest thing to just starting over. Thank you @hinekidori !

Glad to have you back, @Narasumas :slight_smile: Hope everything life-wise got sorted out!

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If you were using community decks the easiest option to reset your progress is to just delete the decks and re-add them. This should clear your progress on any cards as well :slight_smile: But above mentioned methods also work.

For personal decks you’d want to do what hine mentioned :smile:

I’ve reset your account to level 1 with 0 experience, but you probably have to relog into the forums to force a sync here as well (or level up and it will sync to the forums automatically).

Thanks @Neicudi! I definitely appreciate it!

…I’m probably a very slim minority, but this could maybe be a feature that you could consider implementing in the future somehow. Anyways, it was nice to come back and discover there’s now the iOS app. That was a nice surprise! Thanks for keeping everything updated, looking forward to scoping it all out.